Legal Department January 17, 2016 at 11:41 am

The night was so long and dark that Macfran wouldn’t let teeth and fret more each day, now felt that he could not fight against problems and these grew increasingly. Debts and collectors began to appear. Not spent a day where do not call you for any Legal Department to threaten him and tell him that they embargarian. His relationship with his wife seemed worse that ever, his irritation and the problems began to emerge. His mental state would not let him see that he was destroying all those who surrounded him and loved. It was turning into a Dragon. Then it happened.

A Macfran night after a dispute with his wife, I lift fighting against the dragon with an anguish that he terrorized him, her heart beating so hard that he felt that his heart is out of place, their teeth pulled both his JAWS ached more than neck, the great Dragon was making the rounds. Macfran in the midst of his anguish, took his face between his hands and thought, can not anymore, I want to disappear, want to flee, I want to run.-Macfran thought my wife doesn’t care nothing of what I pass, God does not matter anymore what I pass, nobody cares, I’m alone.-Desperate take their clothes and went to run in the middle of the morning, was a dark night and cold. Her tears roamed her face, while Macfran ran, the night was becoming colder. To pass in front of the temple where the used to perform their prayers asking for work. Screaming desperate to God asking for a response, do that to my Lord?, why have you forsaken me?, how can you say that you love me when you see that I have small children and not give me a job?, do you why my wife does not understand me?, why if you say that you love me, I abandon? and his anger against God grew and her screams increased volume.

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