Leibniz Supercomputing Centre August 2, 2022 at 2:20 pm

NEURONprocessing creates ‘Structured collective intelligence swarm intelligence’ this development is based on the findings of modern Neurobiology of perception mechanisms of the human brain. Basic research is operated since 1994 in the institutional framework and is worldwide unique and thus as leader to believe in this orientation. The special feature of the method is that it serves the realization of key information – which can not be obtained with conventional solutions. This gained information base is used to shorten lengthy processes especially in the fields of research and industry, difficult decisions to hedge, to simplify complex concepts and innovative solutions to optimize. The process is made possible by qualified knowledge carrier, which specially trained for the NEURONprocessing collective intelligence.

They are familiar with the standardized procedures and the software and can generate thus together meaningful results. The NEURONprocessing software bundles that More knowledge carrier solutions. This network creates synergies for optimum results, which will be realized in the following application areas: basic research, problem solving, concept development, idea generation, validation of ideas, persons and company profiles, reconstruction and prediction of events, as well as future research. Descriptions of situations without the established paths of thinking within organizations or individuals are also a particular strength. The key information you need be provided promptly the customer in an interactive project Forum. The NEURONprocessing company is headquartered technology and start-up Centre in Munich in the gate Garchinger. This is located on the campus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Faculty of computer science and the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre with the fastest supercomputer of in Germany. NEURONprocessing was recorded within the framework of the high-tech offensive Bayern and the software offensive Bayern in the gate and will have the services of the Sponsored incubator. Learn more about innovative and creative projects, to the emergence and the future plans of NEURONprocessing find on our website or in direct talks.

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