Literary Enjoyment May 17, 2020 at 7:41 am

Then it appears plus a question. How to make children and adolescents to feel pleasure with the reading? Ezequiel Theodoro Da Silva (1990, P. 20) in the ones of the one important track: Literature: word in freedom, of infinite ways and directions, pulling the interlocutor for the practical one of participation of the pleasure. Unhappyly the participation of the pupils is not verified, what it is really observed are professors pronouncing knowledge acquired and closed on the workmanships, without giving the chance for a dialogue where the pupils can display its reading, that first reading, subjective, without concerns with the literary theory properly said and less still with the intentions of the author. That pleasant reading But not, the pertaining to school reality is to compel such reading so that the pupil fills a reading fiche, which still demands accurate answers or through the literary text, used only as excuse, to impose grammatical rules. The professors if forget the subjective enjoyment of the reading of each pupil, forget that to hear or to read fiction he is to participate producing facts of our skill.

(He hisses, 1990, p.27). then we have an only utilitarian reading the nothing, nothing candy, to the step that it would have to be useful and candy, to teach but also to delight. Perroti (1990, p.16) of the very clear definitions to differentiate the Culture Literary of the Literary Enjoyment: Literary culture is knowledge of with priority rational bases, is domain of intellectual references of workmanships, authors, periods, etc., literary enjoyment, in contrast, is sensible, emotiva, with priority affective experience. It is evident that as much the Literary Culture how much the Literary Enjoyment has its importance. However, great part of the professors, currently, is preocupadssimos with the Literary Culture, forgetting itself that the enjoyment also becomes necessary. Without it the pupils will be jumping a stage important of the way would become that them really reading.

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