Llama Trekking May 22, 2020 at 10:18 pm

A fantastic journey with good friends Lama & camels – give us love is the relationship of humans to the animal much more than that of the men to his pet. They cause us to react emotionally, help us by using their senses, and save many heart before the loneliness. Animals have a very special effect on people. You are considered impartial partner in relation to various treatment options, help to increase their own self-esteem, promote the reality-based self assessment and positively influence social behavior. Not only dolphins, dogs and horses have a therapeutic effect, also the Llama Trekking leads to an improvement of the well-being and opportunities, completely different way to experience nature. Any disease are needed to participate in this experience, but simply a desire to learn something extraordinary with such animals. We choose the animals as companions in their expression of feelings we us recognize to appear and allow us, in the wake of the analog Communication – allows what emotions, gestures or looks at another level to be fully ourselves. It is not to do necessary such as a dog. He recognizes its people whose feelings of dejection as sad, but not a failure! The camel rides brings people experience also in a situation where they may be quite yourself. Have you used to fluctuating movement, it is an incredible experience. Marc Lore will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Not only that these animals are true survivors, they show by their calm and serenity on new ways, equally relaxed through life to move. Unimportant, llama trekking, camel riding or a Besuchstier in the private sector, animals the people to earn a lot of respect for their acceptance and should be treated accordingly, because only if it goes them well, they have the power to help the people or to help him with the cure.

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