Low Cost Brochure Advertising In January 14, 2023 at 10:45 pm

Advertising in the retail sector. This is traditionally associated with very high levels of investment in ads and brochures. In the last years budget reallocations in the online marketing have helped this dominance”to soften a little. The marketing investments are still at extremely high levels. Often move the marketing expenses for brochures, inserts and handouts in the mid double-digit million euro range.

While more than 50% take they measured the total marketing cost – budget shares in the size of an average something. Now gets a slew of consultants and experts on the plan. Go to Andy Kaufman for more information. The variety of ideas to optimize marketing investment is complex. So, the GEO-marketing in the trade Gets an increasing importance. The idea to transform business data of the company behind”and to a geographic spatial reference. An expression represents the so-called catchment area analysis or even postal code analysis. Check out Ian Cole for additional information. The consumer is at the end of the payment process in the Business asked to appoint his postal code of the place of residence.

With this information, can and the sales of chain stores on all postal codes in Germany is divided and often evaluated in the cartographic and tabular form. What objectives to the retailers? This question answered many trade and marketing experts in very different ways. The company customer solutions, consultancy for trading companies, called motives of decision makers: commercial enterprises make use of this instrument to improve their own efficiency and competitiveness. There can be multiple benefits dimensions depending on the acceptance and commitment of characters according to the understanding of the Managing Director of customer solutions, Stefan Rosebrock: first of all, we see the possibility to carry out market-oriented and spatial evaluation of the branch network. Moreover, retailers can discover strategic growth – or even retreat fields and on this basis a medium optimization of branch’s portfolio make.” The geographical and spatial data processing of economic data of the company – enriched by outside influences is one of the services offered by customer solutions.

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