Mars Planet January 28, 2016 at 7:02 am

Days pre, in and pos, that occupies the red tide, Andres, or any name with which it is baptized to the menstrual cycle, affectionately. It discriminates to us by face carrying just and limits that in those sensible days, more than to speak gruimos to angry voice of bull dog. Besides not sonsacar to us more of a few monoslabos by all dialogue. That she comes with desire from has, triki, triki, there is bang, bang and we say to him, with badness and treachery, today no, beloved, hurt the head to me. Acquiring any offense, misdeed, or the chinchudez to us that caused in the day of the date, updated and that stops the night, by all means, already forgot but that we continued brooding.

That the newspaper of the Sunday that he reads all together one and of a pull, carve up we it and looks for she supplements sport underneath the bed and in four legs and she finds it chewed by the cat that above feels invaded in its place and it leaves it drawn into squares. That if entered a rat, both raised the table they are watched and they are said in unison: mtala you. Surely while they are finished fighting and they decide not to kill itself enters both and to kill the rat, before the shouts, the animal will flee terrified before madness both is infected to him. Any similarity with the reality deliberately has been looked for with magnifying glass. If identificado/a does not feel, you. It is of another planet. By the doubts, if you. It decides to complain, Magoya takes care of in the Mars planet the days Thursday and Friday, the rest, it takes holiday.

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