Mendoza Adrenaline August 28, 2020 at 6:17 pm

Mendoza is one of the best places on the planet to start the practice of rafting. The rapids of the turbulent and correntoso River Mendoza are sought by athletes from all over the world. There are other rivers capable of offering the same combination of pulsating fast and gentle backwaters, but none surrounded by an amazing mountainous frame as that makes rafting in Mendoza an unforgettable experience. Most of the tours includes a total of 3 hours of navigation by river Mendoza.Pese rafting circuit ideally is no doubt hire a full day excursion that stagger the adrenaline of the aquatic activity with the possibility of relax enjoying the Sun and the landscape. Once again, the venue is beautiful the Potrerillos dam reservoir, point of departure for this unforgettable adventure. A good day of rafting starts with a basic course in charge of specialized guides that explain how to manage the River.

Then, each participant receives a security team composed of neoprene suit, helmet and the inevitable life jacket. Ready for action, just go with the adventure and excitement of rafting. An activity that, say those who know, manages to bring out the true personality of each. Perhaps because the speed and excitement invite naturally flowing and let yourself go, rafting is a mobilizing and liberating experience. Companies like Kahuak tourism offer the possibility to enjoy in addition to other sports such as kayak navigation or the Hydrospeed. The latter consists of a thrilling descent down the River on an individual flotation device called River Board.

Each athlete drives helped by frog’s legs and must be willing to fight against the powerful current of the River, and the force of the wind and the mountain. Riverboarding practice demands to know swimming and be in good physical condition, but does not require previous experience. These conditions are also exclusive for navigation in Kayak. Live the adrenaline rush of the rapids of the Mendoza alone is permitted to the visitors with the company of an expert guide. To enjoy the quieter Potrerillos reservoir, however, is not necessary. The experience can be lived as a couple or with friends.To finish a day full of emotions, nothing better than a visit to Kahuak refuge next to the Potrerillos dam, equipped with games and even an outdoor pool free. The scope to relax after an adventure so mobilizing as that offered by the rafting in Mendoza.

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