MONZA Room October 7, 2019 at 5:41 am

We present the memory of qualities of the promotion the Orrin, regional protection Viciendas, located in Infiesto: specifications structure: reinforced concrete one-way slabs. Facades: Cladding monolayer, according to architectural direction and socket design and recercos of stone cenia perimeter Windows. Interior divisions: separations of housing with common areas with brick of double sheet. Interior divisions in ceramic brick finished with plaster trim and loads or tiled according to the area. Lifts: Two elevators in manoeuvre duplex, according to regulations, with garage, automatic doors plant tour. Portal: Common areas: screed on tile, terrazzo, marble or granite, at the choice of the site management.

Access door on materials coordinated with General finishing of the portal. Vertical faces on tiles presently or stony materials in areas bounded, combined with areas to color, according to the site management. Lighting based on opeions in combination with incandescence, according to the site management. Recessed doormat and mirror on wall, in bounded areas. Exterior carpentry: carpentry KOOMERLING of rigid PVC. Drawer monoblock, white colour, with glazing with camera, fulfilling regulatory acoustics. Interior carpentry: safety of armored housing access door grade 3 antiefraccion according to new technical building code. Doors semimacizas in Sapele with fittings on DM veneer finished in Sapele.

Finishes with stained glass Windows in living room and kitchen. Skirting board game with parquet flooring, veneer MDF. Doors of lobby, access to garages, bathrooms installations and storerooms, are metallic and firewall according to zoning. Flooring: Laminate AC3 hardness of oak Parquet drawing 3 lamas in hall, dining room, lobbies, hallways and bedrooms. In kitchens and bathrooms stoneware plate. Stoneware tiles suitable for exteriors with Board and skirting board of the same material on the terraces. Terrazzo or stone stairs, access to garage area, room facilities. This quality of materials make the Orrin the perfect choice for who search for flats in Infiesto appliances sanitary: faucet three brand first quality mixer, or similar. Plugs in each element. Plumbing fixtures in brands, in bathrooms and toilets. Bath and shower according to distribution of dwellings. Heating: Heating and hot water with mixed mural boiler to natural gas, Roca or similar. Radiation of sheet metal elements. Kitchen furniture: high and low furniture of great capacity and brands (XEY MONZA type or similar). Equipment for electrical appliances with ceramic hob, oven, sink and smoke Bell plate. Painting: In vertical parameters smooth plastic paint and Matt. Soft tonality in all dependencies (to choose a single color in the home). Horizontal parameters white and smooth plastic paint. In community staircase plastic paint soft tone. Smooth paint temple rooms facilities, storage rooms and other areas of service. All these sizes converted to The Orrin in one of the best promotions Asturias false ceilings: suspended ceiling in hallways, bathrooms and hall. TV and telephone: installation of collective TV antenna, UHF and FM, for regional networks. Phone lines and telecommunications in all rooms and in living room, kitchen and master bedroom telephone jacks. Garage: Fully equipped with corrective measures according to regulations in force, with forced ventilation, CO detection, fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Automatic door operated by remote control, with the possibility of unlocking for manual opening.

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