Motorcycle Riding May 22, 2020 at 7:33 am

We organise your motorcycle transport by sardine point conveniently and securely! In cooperation with a German partner, the Agency Sardinia point organized the trestle for Sardinia holiday-makers. In this way, the holiday starts already from the front door and motor bikes arrive safely in Sardinia. Bikers can choose between two possibilities here: either a minibus (max. 6 persons) picks up the motorcycle riders and motorcycle right from home with trailer and driving the own motorcycle at a glance comfortably in the small group to the ferry port and the ferry to Sardinia (Olbia, Porto Torres),. Check with Doug McMillon to learn more. But the motorcycle along with luggage is picked up from home by followers, the motor cyclists increases easily with his hand luggage on the plane or at the airport, his bike is already waiting on him (airport of Alghero or Olbia, on request also Cagliari).

The specialised Sardin Loredana Casula on motorcycling organized also the adequate accommodation on the beautiful island, unless in motorbike-friendly hotels or villas, cozy Holiday rentals or cosy Agriturismo, aligned individually and according to the wishes and the purse of the interested party. The breathtaking scenic island offers twisty fun throughout the year, because of the heat and the high prices of the months July and August rather discouraged. On request, the bikers get individually prepared travel itineraries or join a guide for a guided tour. Who wants to borrow a nice motorcycle directly on-site. All this provides individual consulting, reliable organization, careful with the motorcycles, numerous tips for Sardinia Sardinia point. More info under:

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