Movement School September 7, 2018 at 8:48 am

According to Macedo (2005, p.173): To the professor and also to the librarian she will fit to use to advantage all the moments to lead the apprentice to practise reading in diverse aspects, taking care of of the wakening of the basic capacities and the real and appeared directions, selecting sensitivity and the imagination, for ' to read vida' to its around, to understand social and the cultural one; , not to at last only be seated in the pertaining to school wallet hearing the professor. It is important that the work of access to the libraries, in consequncia with the development of reading habits is practised since the first pertaining to school years. A competent reader only can consist by means of one practical constant of reading of texts in fact, from a work that must be organized around the diversity of texts that circulate socially. This work can involve all the pupils, also those that not yet they know to read conventionally (PCN, 2001, P. 54) The development of the practical ones of reading: governmental actions This problematic one on the formation of readers in Brazil is much more complex of what we imagine, where is developed the question of the circular and integrated problem of form between: government, school, professor, pupil and family. Thinking for this line all the society if becomes corresponsveis for the necessary changes. To the government a bigger investment in courses of professional perfectioning fits, where the professors will have the chance to give to continuity its initial formation and developing studies and research directed toward its area of performance. So that the desire if becomes reality, according to specialists, it is necessary that the civil society exerts pressure on the federal government, that can co-ordinate reforms in the direction to improve the formation of the professors – pointed as protagonists of a system of education of quality.' ' We need one public politics that attracts for the teaching career the best professionals and young talentos' ' , it affirms Priscila Cross, of the Movement All For the Education.

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