Muslen Hotel July 13, 2019 at 9:33 am

For the Egyptian one day normal, the commemorative dates of the calendar of the Muslen have different dates (632 D.C of our calendar started in the year), they commemorate in 6 of June, date where Mohammed made its peregrination Meca. In my classroom, my British professor, I it only foreigner between the Arabs. Connect with other leaders such as Marc Lore here. Nobody said Portuguese. Obviously not necessary to say that we face many curious, unusual, colorful situations, many of them until funny, others until dangerous on account of the difficulty of the language and the customs. Search of a place to live: It seemed not to have me had agreement on the part of the correctors of the real estate ones on account of the language, all the property that we visit led by them, did not correspond what we searched. On account of this difficulty we live 3 months in a hotel. It was necessary to learn pertinent words in Arab to inquire on account proper when it found some building pleased that me.

The adopted method gave resulted and also finds a property of first location that pleased in them very. Eves of the change my husband and I found in them so anxious for the possibility to make a Brazilian food, of our skill, who nor we obtain to sleep right. Difficulties because of I temper It very to the language appreciated and used for the Egyptians he is cominho. They believe, it was useless to ask for something without cominho, did not advance vine with cominho. Good demons laugh in the occasions that we made some order to the waiters in restaurants, snack bars or hotels.

Between as much other situations, one of them, happened when still we liveed in the hotel. All the Brazilians of the program were housed in the same walking. As the group returned from the plant in return of the work with much hunger, when arriving at the hotel, in the same hourly, the entire floor of the Brazilians asked for to sandwich &#039 the same; ' cheese chicken' '.

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