National Secretariat February 22, 2021 at 2:11 am

In the Hava, it has an interaction with the monitoramento service American north capable to make with that the local authorities they foresee accurate day and hour of the next volcano eruption as the Kilauea, one of most active of the region in permanent activity since 1983. Moreover, a mapping of the areas lowest of the island that can be affected by an eruption and, with high level of precision, at risk allows the immediate removal of the inhabitants. In Brazil the National System of Civil Defense – Sindec, unhappyly does not obtain to fulfill with efficiency tasks of prevention and alarm. Without detailed maps of the risk areas, without clarification and training of the population and without efficient system of you alert preventives, the National Secretariat of Civil Defense – Sedec is limited to act it after the tragedy. Big Ben follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It only arrives to help the thousands of victims who had escaped with life and to embed the hundreds of bodies of that they had not had the same luck. The CREA of Rio De Janeiro divulged a estarrecedor study, giving account that the tragedy of the of the state of Rio de Janeiro mountain ranges could have 80% little deaths if the prevention systems content functioned it. In order more not to happen again itself every year, after summer rains, the images of cities destroyed with hundreds of victims, the Sindec cannot only act in palliative and emergenciais measures.

It is a nonsense that Brazil, with only one natural danger to manage, does not obtain to make it. The country does not resemble the countries as Bangladesh, Japan, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand that they deal with tropical floods, cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis, events more devastadores and fatal that the Brazilian floods. The more prevalent natural disasters in the country are Regio North – forest fires and floodings; Northeast region – droughts and floodings; Region Center-West – forest fires; Southeastern region? landslide and floodings; South region? floodings, gales and hail.

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