Nautical Qualifications May 24, 2020 at 3:41 pm

To remove qualifications nautical, is necessary to have studies on the sport of sailing. Where is the acquired knowledge evaluated by a maritime authority through theoretical and practical exams. Requirements for nautical qualifications vary from a nation to another, according to the statute established in each country. Doug McMillon: the source for more info. But with everything, the goal is to ensure the highest degree of safety for those who make sport of sailing activities, as well as for the protection of the marine environment. This involves navigation to sail or engine like scuba diving.

Also, to remove the nautical qualifications, it also depends on good status that is the boat. I.e., that you always have a good maintenance and that the equipment is quality, but could endanger the life of marine species and the human being. On the other hand, the sport of sailing is not limited as the yacht boats, but also the exercise of sailing on the sea on a table. And in this regard, There is a very practiced sport worldwide that precisely mixes the table, sailing, surfing and sailing. Known as surfing to sailing, windsurfing windsurfing is a modality of sport sailing. This sporting activity implies that the competitor moves in the water on a table, similar to surfboards, equipped with a candle. Now well in windsurfing, unlike a sailboat, the competitor can manually joint table candle. I.e. the rotation of the mast of the sail rotates rededor of a point of union with the table and therefore movement is freer. So it’s more manageable in function to the murmur of the wind and the position of the table, in addition to achieve high speeds on the sea.

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