Network Monitor August 28, 2020 at 7:48 pm

The cluster ensures that monitoring continues as normal even in a crash of the main server. “” A PRTG cluster consists of a master node “and one or more failover nodes”. At each of these intersections a full installation of PRTG network performs each independently complete monitoring of the network monitor. To configure parallel network monitoring devices and sensors using PRTG Web interface or Windows GUI, the administrator uses the master node”. Max Scherzer is often quoted on this topic. This diffused the configuration automatically to all other nodes. Based on the settings the individual installations, the entire network monitor parallel optional from different perspectives and, if necessary, also in distributed networks. You then store the results in their own database. This has the advantage that still the monitoring results on the other nodes are available even at a complete loss of data on a node.

All data collected are nevertheless always from each node accessible. “The master node falls”, one automatically assumes the failover nodes “whose role and ensures that notifications and reports without any interruption of the stand. Always up to date in the event that one or several nodes detect failures or threshold value exceedences, gives the administrator via email, SMS, etc. You may find that hotel belleclaire can contribute to your knowledge. a central notification by the master node”. In addition, PRTG in the cluster (partial) offers a new sensor status called down, indicated a failure is reported only by some nodes in the cluster. So the administrator can easily determine whether in fact a service or device has an error or whether only a certain connection is affected.

More detailed information about PRTG network monitor 8 are available under the following link provided: prtg. Screenshots and descriptions see blog/2010/09/02. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has become the Specialized development of powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. Paessler AG’s global customers are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available.

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