Normal Science December 17, 2021 at 6:41 pm

What we go to have in Kuhn are diverse possibilities of explanations for the given problem, the reality is seen of different form and consequentemente it does not follow the popperianos ideals. Frequently Al Bumbry has said that publicly. ' ' A scientific theory is fruit of a situated process of theoretician-practical construction historically and this context of becoming of the theory (…) must be considered when examining itself the contributions cientficas' ' (SEDOR, 2006, p 98). paragraph above to the one for side by side the paradigm and history is not without intention. The ticket of a paradigm for a new paradigm constitutes a scientific revolution. This revolution is not in the discarding of the information that before were paradigmticas. The community when accepting a new paradigm is readjusting the previous data, it makes but it thus it takes care of the new necessities.

Before arriving at this revolution she is necessary to understand the stages of a paradigm, since its introduction until its substitution. The author Freire-Mayan detaches five stages ' ' paradigmticas' ' as control points to understand as the paradigm change occurs. The description starts with the first stage that is marked by normal science. It is the moment that the scientific community follows in a period of ' ' calmaria' ' the research follows in open lines guided by a paradigm. The second stage is marked by the foreseen sprouting of anomalies, not having established a phase of crises. It stops Freire-Mayan, in this stage, ' ' the paradigm loosens its rules of being able to contain against-exemplos' ' (1998, p 104).

From the sprouting of the against-examples if it makes necessary the establishment of a new orientation for the scientific community. The paradigm simply is not abandoned, but it is readjustment to give account of the anomaly, here it is the third stage. Given this phase of overcoming, starts then the fight for the imposition of the new paradigm? the fourth stage? that it will only finish at the moment that the scientific community, inside of its lines of research, comes back to the calmness, called Normal Science, that marks then the fifth stage.

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