Old Greeks December 4, 2018 at 7:41 am

Civilization Greek was so to front of its time in question education that until today we haunt in them when we look at for brings and we see its legacy. The old Greeks possuam enormous headquarters of knowledge which was not saciava in any source. But yes in that source where guarantee the biggest proximity with the truth, the wisdom. To belong to this world? at that time? it was to be in the center of a culture estupenda that it searched to evolve in full way for saw of the knowledge. Aristotle in the beginning of its ‘ ‘ Metafsica’ ‘ exemplifica a little of this vision of the man who they, the Greeks, already possuam in that period. It said who, ‘ ‘ all the men have, by its very nature, desire to know ‘ ‘ (Aristotle, 1979, p 11). That is, the human being is an open being to the knowledge of not yet known and that is our nature inherent.

The old Greeks were very different of in today. Basically because they did not have fear to know. What he seems they kept same in its maturity the obsession to know that he possesss a child. By the way, the figure of the child is the perfect symbol of the ideal of a human being apprentice. The child for not having still much time of existence in this reality and consequently not to possess many experiences finishes for if becoming a being in constant to ask itself.

It states with its sincerity the most varied and traditional reasons on all the things that are in the focus of its thought at the moment. She seems basic today, to be in our society a synthesis of the old Greeks and the children of all the times. Where in common the passion for knowing what meets it is of the other side of the wall. For the desvelamento of the things that comes in them. The life since its I begin until its natural decline is full of mysteries and in this reality we can opt in leaving the life taking in them without never asking in them. Or we can ahead risking in them of the stranger with our humble more sincere questions. Sam Mikulak is full of insight into the issues. You unite questions these that with passing of the time tend to fortify and to build the ethical and moral constitution of our personalities. The question was for the Greeks is for children and must be for us as a fortificante, a vitamin of the spirit. Where in each dose in them we become more and better human beings. One remembers: to ask to bush knowledge does not occupy place. However, what it verwhelms in them is ‘ ‘ sedentarismo intelectual’ ‘ that it becomes the people ‘ ‘ obesas of conformismo’ ‘. If it must not have fear of being what we are born to be, perpetual persecutors of the truth!

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