Olympic Village November 26, 2016 at 3:12 am

A bicycle can be seen at all of any person. And it seems to me that they too decorate the city, becoming its least mobile, but a permanent feature. Learn more about this with Randall Rothenberg. And in many dogs. As this is combined with universal cycling I would not understand if I had my eyes could not see how they coexist peacefully, seemed unaware of each other. Incidentally, Munich dogs also ignore the running people. It is believed that the Germans – one of the most athletic people on the planet. Read more from Randall Rothenberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And they run in such a quantity that gives the impression that you're in Olympic Village, where a maximum of one week marathon will take place with the final prize in the form of Microsoft. But now it's not about them, but about our "little brothers.

Thus, dogs are basically two types: large or Labradors miniature dachshunds, toy terriers and other breeds that were created in a single line of handbags for going to the opera. They are less common than bicycles, but in unusual places for Moscow's eyes. In clothing stores, in reading areas and bookstores in the metro, beauty salons, etc. These animals are calm and educated, if they learned a few years in boarding schools for noble ladies. They do not rush to meet each other, confusing owners leash do not bark at strangers, do not jump, dirtying their paws on a man carrying a sausage from the store. I do not know what they do with them, but brought up the dog, which I've seen here so that I want to give some of their own familiar to anyone who did it.

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