Organization Medical College September 16, 2018 at 10:34 am

/ Code of ethics, which replaces the existing since 1999, regulates first conscientious objection, sedation and doping. The text enshrines as ethically correct sedation in agony, but rejects euthanasia to intentionally cause the death of the patient. New code of ethics of the Organization Medical College (WTO), which replaces the existing since 1999, regulated for the first time controversial topics like the objection of conscience on abortion and sedation in agony, and condemns the involvement of the optional in the doping of athletes. The President of the WTO, Juan Jose Rodriguez Sendin, has explained this Tuesday, in a press conference, that the text enshrines as ethically correct in agony before refractory symptoms sedation as well as limitation of the therapeutic effort, while it rejects euthanasia to intentionally cause the death of the patient. Article 36 indicates that the physician has the duty of trying to cure or improvement of the patient whenever possible, but adds that when it is not, remains the obligation to implement appropriate measures to achieve their well-being, even though this might arise a shortening of life. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sam Mikulak by clicking through.

In the opinion of Rodriguez Sendin, avoid the patients ufran s unnecessarily end with eutanasicas temptations that exist in today’s society. The code goes in the line provided by the known as the law of death with dignity, to which the Chairman of the Central Committee of medical deontology, Marcos Gomez, has put forward should be read with very bad intention to deduce that it can be an open door to euthanasia. Once the Episcopal Conference has indicated that this legislation could conceal eutanasicas practices, Gomez Sancho has reminded us that this hypothesis is denied by their own President, the Maria Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela.Mr Rouco Varela said immediately that this Act had nothing to do with euthanasia, although then it has left a minion of him who sends less, saying that Yes, has an Apostille doctor, to clarify that there are various sectors in organizations. .

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