Organization September 25, 2018 at 3:12 am

It can be used in the mixture and preparation of other products as rations, seasonings, plastics, etc. In this case its denomination starts to be as mixer. It’s believed that Sam Mikulak sees a great future in this idea. The concrete trucks mixer can be presented: furniture in the form of transport for truck concrete truck mixer, with a system moved for a leather strap of steel connected to an engine normally fed by a system of transmission of the vehicle and hydromechanical engineer. it fixes as it is known in Brazil equipped with engine so that the mixture is homogeneous. half-fixed, the same that it fixes to put can easily be removed therefore possesss wheels. automatic moved for an engine synchronized and equipped with rolling mats. half-automatic.

NOISE In ours day-by-day the presence of the noise is facilmentes detectable. It becomes gift since the conversation until constructions of building, but its definition is not easy, therefore it can be interpreted of physiological or psychological form. In agreement then with the manual of the noise ' ' noise is a joint sound or of sounds ackward and/or dangerous, capable to modify the welfare physiological or psychological of people, to provoke auditory injuries that can lead to the deafness and to harm the quality and amount of trabalho.' ' Amongst the collaborators then for sonorous pollution, the noise enters as great contributor for being provoked by the extreme sound of the industries, seedbeds of bras, ways of transports, areas of recreation, etc. the OMS (World-wide Organization of Health) approaches that a sound must present up to 50 db (decibels? unit of measure of the sound) so that not characterized as of risk the health human being. STELLMAN and DAUM (1975), emphasize that, to study the noise, if it makes necessary to know a little of its physical nature. The frequency is represented by the number of complete vibrations in as, being its express unit in hertz (Hz).

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