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L-carnitine: The booster for the fat loss L-carnitine promotes fat burning in the body because it improves the transport of fats from the FAT to the muscles. So come then more fat, where it can be burned and the body can more easily remove the fat. With L-carnitine, announce the fight unwanted fat deposits and support so their diet efforts. The body attack L-carnitine drink is very refreshing and ideal for training. Without L-carnitine, the body can break down grease. There is, however, very much L-carnitine in the body, fat burning is stimulated and accelerated. You can crack also particularly stubborn points with the body attack L-carnitine drink and say goodbye to the fat.

The revenue improves the effectiveness of diets and training. Fat killer L-carnitine for the burning of fat in the body has an outstanding important function of L-carnitine. And so the body attack L-carnitine drink promotes the dismantling operations during exercise. L-carnitine is a body’s own substance and transports fats from the fat deposits in the places where it can be burned. Released fats from the body tissues of the L-carnitine are recorded and then promoted to the muscle cells through the bloodstream. The L-carnitine bind the fats such as magnet itself. In muscle cells, more precisely in the so-called mitochondrial, fats are converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and burned during physical activity. ATP is eventually used in any muscle effort and consumes.

Attack on the problem areas stomach and hips there’s always particularly stubborn places where the fat just won’t go away. Many people struggle with fat deposits in the belly or hip. These zones also are attacked by the intake of L-carnitine drinks because the L-carnitine boosts the total fat in the body and thus forcing them to use all available reserves of fat as an energy source. In connection with endurance sports, the fat can be burned during and after exposure increased as energy. Almost no calorie low calorie diet drink and suitable diet: The body attack L-carnitine drink fits perfectly into the requirements of diet-conscious people or low-carb fans. Only 11 kcal per bottle are included. For endurance athletes, the drink provides an improvement in the production of energy from fats, which can lead to better performance during a competition. Also, battle athletes and bodybuilders use during a diet on L-carnitine as a dietary supplement. Citrus -, cherry – and pineapple-flavored of body attack is a hypotonic drink L-carnitine drink. It is available in the flavours of citrus, pineapple and cherry and impresses with its quick availability, which makes him an ideal companion during the exercise, since the body can be provided very quickly. During sporting exertion, we recommend that you to drink a bottle of SIPs and just loads of more than an hour to consume even a bottle of more.

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