Frampton Nature June 8, 2014 at 7:15 pm

In this same line, in the city-machine project the idea of present nature is the rationalizing and artificializada nature. To this respect, Kings Son (1967) develop an analogy of the plans of the rationalism of the Thirties with the maneiristas plans of century XVII and the expression of these in the conception of the nature: ‘ ‘ The racionalistas plans present the same rigidity the same and ideal character of the maneiristas plans, in century XVII. They are fruits of a set of theoretical principles, caught through the reason (…). Its authors accepted and valued the verticalizao and other forms of centralization, allied, however, to the reconciliation of the ground urban with the nature. They were vertical city-gardens, where the concerns with the landscape if did not bind more the hygienical reasons of order, as the insolation and the aeration of edifcios’ ‘ , (Kings Son, 1967, P. 44-6). This model of ‘ ‘ nature artificializada’ ‘ it is reiterated in the funcionalista zoning considered by the Letter of Atenas, that dominates the urbanstico thought until the Sixties of century XX, with some unfoldings in the urbansticas interventions in the cities in this century.

During the second great war, they appear some critics of the modernista project that if improves from years 1960, having in Rossi (1971), with its contextualismo and Frampton (1997), with the regionalism I criticize, these two theoreticians had searched to rescue or to recoup the place and space concepts absentees in modern urbanism. They made this, in accord with the dimensions of history and the local culture, running away, however, of the natural environment. Already in the middles of the decade of 1980, the ambient quarrel took new routes, not more in the global plan of cities, but of form broken up in form of urbansticas megaintervenes in the private public partnership, attributing a new paper to the cities, in what Hall (1995) and Harvey (1996) had called empresariamento of the urban administration.

Methods To Avoid The Appearance Of Cold Cracks During Welding Metal June 2, 2014 at 6:40 am

The method of IMET-4 to evaluate resistance against the formation of cold cracks alloys after treatment at various temperatures and strain, for example, after quenching, the thermal cycle of welding (for HAZ) thermomechanical processing, etc. Processing is performed in a special car IMET-4: flat samples of the base metal was adjusted to the desired temperature by programmed heating current in the cooling process load in the required temperature range and then kept at a constant tensile load to failure. Sample CMEA-19HT (GOST 26388-84) – welding set of three flat rectangular composite samples with thickness of 12 40 mm varying the total length of welded elements 100, 150 and 300 mm, rigidly fixed at both ends. To fix the samples to them pre-welded to a special limit switches. Before welding, the samples installed in the clamping device, which is a massive plate with slots, in which the clamping bolt is fixed limit switches. Perform single-pass welding test joints.

Weld together all three samples. After welding test kept in the allocated position for 20 h. After release from adaptation in the samples reveal the cold cracks of different control methods. oa quantitative measure propensity to cold cracking take the maximum length of welded elements where cracks. Indicator is the result of welding two identical three samples.

Sample "Tekki" (GOST 26388-84). Flat rectangular sample thickness of 5 = 12 40 mm is longitudinal slit in the center, issued in the form of a U-shaped cuts. Sample welded in a free state and allowed to stand 20 hours after welding Welding tests are performed manually coated electrodes, submerged arc or gas shielded. Cracks formed in the root of the weld. Mandatory condition test – the presence of lack of fusion in the weld root, which serves as a stress concentrator. Cracks identify the different control methods, including etching acid solution followed by a break of the sample. As a quantitative indicator of resistance to fracture can be a percentage of the total length of cracks in the length of the seam or area of cracks to cross-sectional area seam. Quantitative indicator can also be heating temperature at which no longer cracks.

Endemias Argentine May 26, 2014 at 7:16 pm

By these days of the austral autumn of year 2009, it is possible to be assumed like premise for a development, slight knowledge such as the one that " the part is in the whole, or the whole is in parte". Thus, I go from my intense experiences in a specific task like are the transports in Argentina, to try to climb monographically to totalities, that at the moment culminate in global happening. Notwithstanding doing emphasis in our personal experiences or those that have been transmitted us in direct dialogues with other people, it is not possible to be not known, that we have watered in documentations, and those searches been have stimulated by the mentioned own and other people’s experiences; searches that later they have given but perspective for the later experiences. A luck of " Feedback" continuous. We go then to the triggering experience of the present communication.

It was a summer, I believe that the one of 1995. The octogenaria woman, was seated in the hall entrance of the hotel that was in the locality of Bath, province of Cordova. We could to conjecture that one was the owner of the establishment. In crossed ours we knew to see many hotels that demonstrated esplendores pasts, with its already old owners, which allowed to estimate that the closing of that hotel would agree with the death of its owner. In crossed later we saw several of those old woman hotels already closed when not demolished Also I have perceived that in those crossed, old people are but inclined to the dialogue with the strangers. It is but, I have been with that made questions incisive to try to know that were one and what was the intention that " cayera" of visit by small towns. The question is that we initiated a conversation with the lady, and in one of its paragraphs mentioned with nostalgia, when in the dining room of the hotel they used " forty coffees with leche" to those who waited to the motor car that happened through that station to the dawn.

The Complex May 20, 2014 at 4:16 am

Although this method of education learning-training to receive many critical ones, some are the advantages of this method: It makes possible to develop the correct technique of the motor abilities you specify (esportivas); The beginning one has success in the experience, because the learning process is divided in small stages; The correction is easy of being carried through; control of the learning process is easily realizable; The specialists of the area of the collective sports affirm that the analytical-synthetic method presents important advantages, however, its disadvantages allow Greco (1998) to conclude that this method if does not show adequate for the esportiva initiation when used in its pure form, therefore present limitations that compromise the learning of the beginning one. The disadvantages most important are listed to follow: The elements of the game (technician, tacticians and physicists) are trained separate to arrive themselves at all and as resulted the relation of the parts with the all that are not clear for the pupil; It does not make possible the satisfaction of the desire to play; The complexity of the demanded esportivas abilities in the game (open abilities) is not prescribed in the training, therefore in this model of education they predominate the exercitao of closed abilities; Oferecimento of movements and attitudes has left, almost that exclusively of the professor; The team training it is reduced; Beyond all critical already cited, what if it sees in the practical one is an inadequate use of the method, extending its disadvantages (limitations). On this fact, Rezende (2008) cited by Pinto and Santana (2005), observed in its studies that the professors/trainers: ) they do not use the logic of the analytical-synthetic model, that is, the progression of the simple ones for the complex, leaving to evolve the degree of difficulty of the exercises throughout the training; b) does not create enough chances of repetition that contribute for the automatization of the movements; c) accomplishment of adequate form the correction of the errors of learning, not allowing that the players develop vices technician.

The Power May 14, 2014 at 2:15 am

An example is in the school where it has uniform and pupils do not use in the street alleging to be ridicule, they dress alone it when arriving in the school, and suddenly after the lesson when the same ones are in the street if they dress with clothes parecidssimas what he does not leave of being of certain forms another one uniform. In this case the group does not feel ridicule for the fact of its clothes not to have been imposed for detainers of the authority. Lacerda (1998, P. 50): ' ' In the attempt to become free itself of the power of the parents, that is, to defend proper independence, they go behind new leaders who are not its genitors. They live a provisory culture, forced simulation of any thing that if opposes to the culture of the adults. Or then, the rebellious leaders try they themselves being who face the leadership parental' '. Lacerda (1998) still standes out that the customs learned for the group, in the vision of parents and professors, seems not to have direction very, as the vestments, the sports, musics, among others.

But for the components of this group it is as if it was a passport that them of the right o to be felt safe and integrated. Moreover, everything can seem for them, a badge, that in to its ahead becomes them vises different and individual of the world. In these cases its behaviors can not be condizentes with the behaviors of the life adult, because if them they were would be considered psicopticos behaviors, as for example, the cruel accesses of anger, hatred, brutality, attitudes with people, absence of responsibility in relation to its proper acts, to be locked in its rooms, among others. However, a tranquilizer one for the parents and the proper society, is the note that Lacerda (1998, p; 50) make, telling that: ' ' What it becomes less serious such behavior in the adolescents is the fact of being transitory, as much how much it he is proper adolescncia' '. Studies point that adolescent that they participate of some restricted group, it has greater auto-esteem of what the ones that do not participate of none. Thesis that is proven from the citation that Saito (2008, P. 85) makes: ' ' … all in the group are at the same existencial moment, living deeply the same crisis, the same questionings. This becomes

Importance May 7, 2014 at 10:15 pm

When entering the school, the child suffers a considerable physicist-mental impact, therefore, until then, its life was exclusively dedicated to the toys and the familiar environment. The educators can consider the object construction for the tricks as games, books of histories, box surprise, thus being able to develop activities with the children stimulating logical reasoning, the imaginary proper a directed recreation. Music also is very important in this etria band, therefore when hearing music the worked child the memorization and its hearing. To use the patio for white trick of wheel as lencinho, money market-cirandinha, I shot the wood in the cat, are tricks that the children adore. The use of all the space of the school is important when the playful one is working. It is given credit that the game is essential for the life of the child, emphasizing how much they learn, that is, they learn playing. activities that had been proposals with toys have objects of make possible to the child in the search, of the desired object, as objects that they can press to make racket and to repeat action some times to find its objectives. However many of these activities also are proposals in the Psicopedaggica area. It is through activities and games directed that psicopedagogo also works its diagnosis and the intervention, for the accomplishment of a pathology that the child can have as example: Dislexia? Hiperatividade? Aggressiveness? Riot of Writing? Acalculia According to Chamat (1996), after to carry through all the psicopedaggico diagnosis, psicopedagogo will be of ownership of the picture ' ' patolgico' ' on the case in study, as well as of a system of hypothesis that allows it to direct the psicopedaggico treatment. The Importance of Brincar Child playing is the way as it knows, tries, learns, develops, lives deeply, displays emotions, places conflicts, elaborates them or not, she interacts I obtain and with the world.

Lobato Hunter May 1, 2014 at 9:18 pm

Another aspect that contributes for this heading, is the mixture of histories, as Cat together Flix and Peter Pan with Saci Perer and the Cuca witch, beyond other personages. The representation of the Brazilian people also is another characteristic of the workmanships of Lobato Hunter, since for it qualities, the national defects and traces leave of being colorful and gain spaces of Infantile Literature inside. It is the case of the personage of the Jeca Armadillo, that impersonaties mazelas of the society, the national unreliability, and mainly the comodismo, that is impersonatied in it, represented through laziness, and in the lack of initiative to consider changes. He is in infantile histories that Lobato Hunter obtains to express with bigger clarity its revolutionary spirit, therefore in these histories it obtains to enclose the reality of our country at that time, as it ratifies Cademartori (2006, P. 49), ' ' breaching with the predetermined standards of the sort, Lobato established a linking between infantile literature and the questions sociais.' ' In lobatianas histories many traces of the paper meet, that today Infanto-Youthful Literature possesss that it is to stimulate the production and construction of new knowledge. Its workmanships finish stimulating the readers to see and to interpret the reality under a different optics, from concepts of the proper reader on the politics, the society, the economy and the culture. Thus, the workmanships of Lobato Hunter stimulate the formation of a critical reader who obtains to live and to respect the differences, since they show the social condition.

Another important name of Infanto-Youthful Literature is of Ceclia Meireles, especially in the poetry destined to the children. For being pedagoga, teacher and journalist, Ceclia Meireles it shows in its workmanships the necessity that has the small ones to have access the new knowledge and information. The use of a language that brings for the poetry the world of the imagination and the fancy, that is present in the infantile universe.

Victory Sport Club April 25, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Games between quarters existed. It was detached that the inhabitants of the quarters Cathedral and Center if congregated sazonalmente to play. According to Mr. Raymond, the LOYAL one was established in 17 of July of 1971 for the following teamses: Altamira Sport Club; America Sport Club; Botafogo Sport Club; Club of Remo de Altamira; National Sport Club; Paysandu Sport Club of Altamira; Victory Sport Club; Xingu Sport Club. In 18 of August of 1973 the LOYAL one is installed and times later if filia the Federacy Paraense de Futebol, and if it characterizes for an independent league without incomes. The teamses of the LOYAL one played in a called field ‘ ‘ Budego ‘ ‘ , located in the Av.

Peter esquina Gomes with the Tancredo Avenue Snows. Some teamses to the long one of the years they filiaram LOYAL it, and is important that if it has detached some facts pointed for Mr. Raymond, such as: 1) In 1974 the Sporting is created, 2) In 1976, the Federacy Paraense de Futebol organizes the intermunicipais disputes of soccer, and the altamirense election if it classifies and it goes to dispute in Belm the ends, obtaining according to place in the competition, better classification until the current days. 3) In the year of 1977, the Paysandu Sport Club of Altamira modifies the name and passes if to call Paysandu the Transamaznica, being become the first teams to participate of the paraense championship. 4) In the decade of 80, the player Jose Umujaci Lins goes for the Teams Rows of Belm, and later for the Athletical Paranaense and Corinthians, becoming the first altamirense player to play in reputation teams it are of the State of Par. 5) In 1979 middle, the teams is born Low (Good Friends Integrating the Xingu Altamirense) and one year later, is born the teams of the Portuguese. 6) In 1982 ‘ is constructed to the Stadium Jose Marino Flag of famous Matos; ‘ Bandeiro’ ‘.

In Latin American Catholic April 19, 2014 at 11:38 am

The way that you react to a lot of events is conditioned by the series of beliefs and habits of thought that you’ve formed based on the prevailing customs of the culture in which you live. This programming you’ve received teaches you and it predisposes to act automatically in a certain way. In Latin American Catholic society someone expressed indifference to religion, can be critique him, and such time as maximum punishment, until withdraw you the word and leave it to invite to meetings, but if someone would express the same concept in another culture I am abstaining from mentioning which-, could even lose their lives. In some cultures finish all the food that you serve your host can be considered offensive, but does not do so in others, can make you have a bad time to you and your host, on many sports you can say everything with the opposite coach, but does not tolerate any physical contact. Why? They are the rules! I know people who enjoy criticism and others to whom the minor comment on his personality destroys them.

A same joke before a person can feel that it has been taken into account, which has been given a special place in a group of friends, and however, another may end up with relationships of friendship, sometimes for many years, feel humiliated and burlada. If a driver takes the hand and makes an offensive sign to another during the traffic, this other person might react to ignoring it, may feel intimidated, or perhaps would answer you the same offense and also up accompanied by shouts and other signs more. (I have personally learned of cases that start as minor incidents of traffic and reach the murder) In each of these cases turns on evidence without place to doubt the use of standards governing the conduct of a group.

John Cooper Works April 12, 2014 at 4:38 am

The two Sport models have a speedometer with scale that goes up to 260 km/h. The basic equipment of the cockpit includes textile design ‘Chequered’ checkered upholstery. Optionally you can buy leather upholstery, sport seats with combined fabric or leather upholstery, sport leather seats and Recaro sports seats, included in the range of accessories of John Cooper Works. Decorative slats for both models, which are normally colour Piano Black, can be also Fluid Silver color. The range of accessories includes Additionally a carbon trim stick. Included in the optional equipment of the MINI range, high quality and advanced technology, navigation and entertainment systems can also be mounted in two especially sport models.

More air, more power, more torque: the ideal formula to enjoy more of the chest of these models driving hides an own a race car engine. The propeller of 1,600 cc with Twin-Scroll Turbo direct-injection four-cylinder of gasoline is rated at 211 Hp and between 1,850 and 5,600 rpm delivers a net torque of 260 Nm that can be up to 280 Nm briefly with ‘overboost’ function. This mechanic is based on the engine that uses the MINI Cooper S, which has undergone numerous modifications for use in the MINI John Cooper Works CHALLENGE race car. The basic version of 1.598 cc engine already includes various technological, from cherries the sport of motor racing. The cylinder block and the housing are made of aluminium, four valves per cylinder are powered by two trees on head cams, levers of trawls with roller and hydraulic valves clearances compensation elements. The increase of power compared with the MINI Cooper S engine is obtained especially through optimization of the input and output of air and the adaptation of the turbocharger.

Air filter, air flow meter, the exhaust system and the catalyst were modified to reduce the the air intake and exhaust throttling, in order to increase the power. These changes are also noticeable by the specific sound of the engine of these models. In addition also increased the flow of clean air conditioner turbo. The beginning of construction of the Twin-Scroll Turbo is in a very spontaneous increase in power. In collector and the turbocom-padding are separate channels, each one corresponding to two cylinders. Their palettes are put in motion optimally from very low engine speeds. A turbine especially tough material was developed for engine of the John Cooper Works and MINI John Cooper Works Clubman. In addition, the maximum pressure rose from 0.9 to 1.3 bar. Spontaneous responses are manifested in the ability of acceleration of the two models. The MINI John Cooper Works for the Kronos in 6.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, while the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman makes it in 6.8 seconds. Both have a speed tip 238 km/h. original author and source of the article.