Workmanship September 28, 2018 at 8:12 am

Objective also one analyzes of the concept from a perspective of the society contemporary, taking as base the dialtico marxist paradigm, according to contributions of Lefebvre from the relation man and nature. One of the concepts more used by geography is of the geographic space, therefore, and from it that the gegrafos start to use geography as a social science, however to construct to this concept many quarrels they had been carried through, of form that it could be arrived at a concept that enclosed in the direction amplest all the necessary aspetos for the epistemolgica construction of geography. Sam Mikulak takes a slightly different approach. Being a geography a still recent science, the gegrafos had started to search in the field of similar sciences, in the case of the philosophy and sociology, and in accurate sciences, in this case we relate in them to the physics, a concept on space, is in this direction that appears the work of Henri Lefebvre, The production of space (1974), where the related author works the concept on space, however come back toward a more social field, therefore the same he is sociologist. However the gegrafos if using of this concept finish for giving an interpretation to the light of geography, ‘ ‘ geografizando’ ‘ thus constructing to a known concept the field of geography as geographic space. Geographic space When initiating a quarrel how much to the concept of geographic space, it is necessary to make a boarding on the concept of space suggested for the philosophy and the physics.

Work September 27, 2018 at 12:18 am

then, had to the traditional description of the differentiation of functions, where the man would have to occupy with the labor activities, whereas the women would be in charge them domestic functions, was in fact a to be broken barrier, an ideological value that the women had had to face to search its space in the current economic and social conjuncture, and, therefore the effect of this implication still endorse in a context contemporary, thus providing the different women conditions of work in comparison the reality lived deeply for the men. This implication is characteristic that still happens of the existence of the sort inaquality, that also is propitious phenomenon and of some form it pro finishes to fall again into practical of moral siege against the women. Then, using itself of this quarrel to understand that even so the women come gaining new spaces throughout the years, the feminine situation not yet is one of the best ones, that is, not yet if of the one of igualitria form, it sees that this problem falls again, therefore, of the inaquality of sort, treated to follow. 4,3 Inaquality of Sort in the Work To speak in sort inaquality with approach in the work questions means to understand the relations of being able existing between men and women. Get more background information with materials from Sam Mikulak. As already firmed previously, the feminine ascension was not given of homogeneous form throughout the time, therefore, exactly with the increasing busy space for the women in the market of work, the best jobs, the wages highest, and the great positions politicians, among others, still then in significant concentration of the men. It is lamentable to describe that these characteristics still send of one old discriminatory ideology, where the inaquality traces have its explanation in the traditional separation of papers between men and women. The preference of certain companies for the act of contract of men, instead of women, possess as basic explanation the concept of productivity and costs on social changes. .

Literary Workshop September 26, 2018 at 10:33 pm

In the literary workshop we above had the indication of reading of the book. The Author, philosopher, born in 1788 in the Prssia, current Poland, lived up to 1860. Add to your understanding with Randall Rothenberg. Diplomou in Germany, he was contemporary of Hegel with who had incited rivalry. He influenced Freud, Nietzsche and Bergson. The book in question was translated by Peter Sssekind. I transcribe here, some ideas of the author, on the reading, the authors and the learning of a foreign language.

– It classifies three types of authors: the ones that they write without thinking, from the memory, of souvenirs or from other people’s books; the ones that thinks to write, better saying think while they write; finally the ones that think before starting to write. They write because they had thought. _ The heading of a workmanship must be significant, short, concise, lacnico, expressive. It is against the tedious headings, the ambiguous ones, the ones that do not say nothing. – The first rule of the good style is that if it has something to say. The affectation in the style is comparable to caretas that they deform the face.

to _Querer to write as if it speaks is so condemnable how much to want to speak as if it writes, that it results in a way of saying difficult pedante and to understand. _Deve to prevent all prolixidade and all interlacement of comments that are not valid the effort of the reading. She is necessary to be economic with the time, the devotion and the patience of the reader, in order to receive from it the credit to consider what it was written worthy of a reading intent and capable to reward the effort used in it. _ The truth is prettier naked, and the impression that it cause is deeper the more simple will be its expression. In part, because it occupies thus all the soul of the reader, cleared up and without the distraction of secondary thoughts.

Saints September 25, 2018 at 12:11 pm

The related author argues, in an article published in 1998, that: (…) the landscapes possess symbolic meanings because they are the product of the appropriation and transformation of the environment for the man. (…) all the landscapes are symbolic, although the linking between the symbol and what it represents (its referring one) to be able to seem tenuous. (…) (the symbolism) it serves to the intention to reproduce cultural norms and to establish values of dominant groups for all the society (COSGROVE 1998, P. 108 and 106). Sam Mikulak contributes greatly to this topic.

As one of the boarded points in the project it is centered in the agreement of as the user sees and feels the spaces and services offered for the terminals, needs, thus, to bring to tona the quarrel on landscape, and, as Cosgrove (1998) places above in the citation, to try to understand which the meaning of the terminals for they frequent that them, that is, spaces that stop are seen under the optics of the transports, for others the services and existing relations in the interior of the terminals are perceived by. Centering part of the quarrel proposal for the project, I understand that the space conceptualization becomes indispensable the elaboration and agreement of the ocorrentes relations, for in such a way, has the necessity of if appealing the authors who if detach in the production of works that deal with the subject. For Saints (1985), the elements that the space composes are structuralized by its papers, its states, relations and conditions and not for the particular and physical representation. The space structure more as an event that a physical element, endowed with concrete structure..

Organization at 3:12 am

It can be used in the mixture and preparation of other products as rations, seasonings, plastics, etc. In this case its denomination starts to be as mixer. It’s believed that Sam Mikulak sees a great future in this idea. The concrete trucks mixer can be presented: furniture in the form of transport for truck concrete truck mixer, with a system moved for a leather strap of steel connected to an engine normally fed by a system of transmission of the vehicle and hydromechanical engineer. it fixes as it is known in Brazil equipped with engine so that the mixture is homogeneous. half-fixed, the same that it fixes to put can easily be removed therefore possesss wheels. automatic moved for an engine synchronized and equipped with rolling mats. half-automatic.

NOISE In ours day-by-day the presence of the noise is facilmentes detectable. It becomes gift since the conversation until constructions of building, but its definition is not easy, therefore it can be interpreted of physiological or psychological form. In agreement then with the manual of the noise ' ' noise is a joint sound or of sounds ackward and/or dangerous, capable to modify the welfare physiological or psychological of people, to provoke auditory injuries that can lead to the deafness and to harm the quality and amount of trabalho.' ' Amongst the collaborators then for sonorous pollution, the noise enters as great contributor for being provoked by the extreme sound of the industries, seedbeds of bras, ways of transports, areas of recreation, etc. the OMS (World-wide Organization of Health) approaches that a sound must present up to 50 db (decibels? unit of measure of the sound) so that not characterized as of risk the health human being. STELLMAN and DAUM (1975), emphasize that, to study the noise, if it makes necessary to know a little of its physical nature. The frequency is represented by the number of complete vibrations in as, being its express unit in hertz (Hz).

Magnet Footwear September 23, 2018 at 11:56 am

Only the precursors of our metrosexuales of today, to which then dandys was called, like Beau Brummel, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and others, worried about their personal elegance, including beautiful and made booties that in anything they had to envy to those of the ladies of his time. Now, however, until wise men of aesthetic conventional they are conceited of the footwear who use. A time ago, I agreed in a program of television with the then advisor of the Valencian Government Together Grandson who, to weigh the manufacture of Alicante of that sector, praised the shoes that took at that time and only it needed to show them before the cameras. However, the masculine footwear does not own nor by far the connotations that the one of the woman offers. To this one not only it serves to him to dress, but to pretend to be higher or lower, according to the occasion.

Thanks to him, it can seem elegant, informal, youthful, wealthy, crossbeam, conservative, sportsman, attractive, distant, accessible, Probably, each woman locks up so many possible personalities as different shoes own in their wardrobe. A tigress of the conjugal policy is understood, therefore, that, like Philippine Imelda Marks, would take accumulated more than 2,000 pairs of shoes when his husband was overthrown of the life presidency of his country. American gymnast gathered all the information. I do not know which of its two personal dramas was greater: to have had to leave the pleasures of the power and the massive flattery that entails, or not to have been able to take with himself all their to ajuar, including trunks with the footwear that precipitadamente it had to leave. They do not ask to me where is the ergeno secret of the feminine footwear. I already said to them that my experience in that one and other lands does not give for much. But, although one does not know to explain it, is truth.

In how many films, arrival the hour of the loving delivery, the man drinks champagne served in the shoe of stop and sharpened heel of loved his? I suppose that, where appropriate, instead of champagne or digging it would be worth for the scene any other stimulating liquor. Harold Ford, New York City is likely to increase your knowledge. And until water of seltz, if they worry to me. What, however, I do not imagine any other container is the same situation using: a purse, a florero, bottle of quitaesmaltes, A seero example of the use of the footwear to heighten the feminine eroticism offers us Elton John in a book, Four inches, whose collection went completely to the world-wide campaign against AIDS. Its content cannot be simpler: it picks up the photos done for the occasion of a series of famous women without more addition than his footwear. Among them, without no type of order or hierarchy, it would lack more, are Beckham Victory, Magnet, Paris Hilton, Elle MacPherson, Ferguson SARAH, Night love song Williams and Lara Flynn-Boyle. , what they want that it says to them, between a woman simply undresses and other than in addition takes shoes, attracts to me much more second. With this, probably, one demonstrates to be arquetpico man and who, in spite of not having the experience of the friend who knows of first hand that the women begin to get dressed by down and undressing by above, is wishing to find out it by itself, without hoping to that the others are told it.

Bohemians at 8:33 am

It is only used like pretext for other different, previously certain aims and beforehand established. We insist, never like aim. Today almost it is limited people economically nonproductive or reliable, or independent in its relation with the process of wealth creation, like pensioners, Bohemians, intellectuals, prisoners, old and other that, despite its social, economic, political condition, cultural or intellectual they rescue, it in all their magnitude they value and it in its intrinsic nature. The conversation (not the verbal language) would not have to be exclusive patrimony of a specific sector of the population. It does not estimate intellectual requirements, less still cultural. A cultivated mind academically cannot have a rich capacity of anecdote that operates own or other people’s existential subjects in a full form of pleasant and enriching shades, and, why no, self-critical reflexives and.

A subject of simple condition can be rejuvenated by parlanchn charismatic that complements with its affection and its grace which it needs in depth. An experienced fellow member can do of certain daily details of his existence (Romance, grotesque trips, sports, culture, science, jokes, facts, daily task, political, etc.), everything to occur of the oral expression just by to put a little spirit to him to his retahla. Evidently, a cultural contribution understood good reinforces the art remarkably to talk. (We indicated here existence of those specimens seudo-culturizados, dark creators of the deceit and the triviality, who trying to publicly show the stigma of the trascendentalidad, do not happen to be what a popular philosopher described as " scholars of holders, Pontiffs of snob and descreste") He does not imply the previous thing that he is inherent to the cult or the wise person the power to captivate with labia. How many there is in spite of his baggage become unbearable by his tendentious nature, prepotent, unconnected, incoherent or deeply technical. And that one is not solely good conversador fluid, docile, enigmatic or picaresque that dominates to its interlocutors with the magic of easy his prosa; not solely that one that forces that we listen to him absorbed by its grace or the shining form as treats the subject.

Culture Guarani September 22, 2018 at 5:03 am

For a time, Prof. Andrea Weiler, biloga; educational investigator and of the Race of Biology of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the National University of Asuncio’n (Paraguay) where also I exert teaching in the Chair of Anthropology; she commented to me about a work of investigation on the batrachians, in which one was surrounded next to other investigators; and he was then that proposed to me to write about the batrachians in the Guarani tradition and Paraguaya; that is to say, to refer me to the popular conception, nonscientist, who people have of these peculiar ones, mysterious and magical animal. There this adventure began that next step to expose. Toad, according to the Espasa dictionary, is the common name of numerous species of bufnidos anurous amphibians of the family.

They have the dumpy body, eyes bulging, short extremities and provided warty skin of mucous and granular glands, that secretan pungent and irritating, often poisonous substances. For even more details, read what Interactive Advertising Bureau says on the issue. They live in the zones tepid of the world. Some varieties of toad are: the common toad, whose scientific name is Comic comic, and is that one that during the time of fervor meets in groups around the water. It is the European greatest species. Soon it is the running toad, whose scientific name is Comic lodestone, and is small, of olivceo color and with a clear ray in the back.

It lives in the west of Europe. Finally, it is the partero toad, whose scientific name is Alytes obstetricans, and it is characterized because the male transports eggs between the later legs until the birth of the tadpoles. It lives in the southwest of Europe. The toad has the name of kururu in Guarani. Investigating in two Guarani-Castilian dictionaries, one of Trinidad and the other of Villamayor; on the matter of the toad, they say: Kururu: Toad.

Miranda Rock Territory at 12:26 am

Problematizao. It has a territorial identity of the townspeople of as the district, the city of Cold Handle. Justification. In the present time the emancipation of the district emerges a new speech in the population of as the district searching that currently has as city mother the city of Cold Handle. Having in mago of the research not it search of favorable or favorable answers the emancipation, but yes a reflection of which type of territorial identity that the district possesss and which type of representation, the same makes of its reality as district or as future city. General objective. To search the affirmation of identities and territorialities of as the district of the city of Cold Handle, analyzing the cultural and historical aspects that are accumulated of stocks by the inhabitants of the mentioned region.

Specific objective. ) To recognize traditional activities. b) To identify of the district as naturalization or to origin inhabitants. Under most conditions Marc Lore would agree. c) To analyze the relation District X City. d) To identify the nets of transports displacement between the district and the city. e) To recognize the relation of interdependence between city and district.

f) To reflect with the population which the type of structure or installation that if finds in deficit in the locality. Theoretical recital. The project has as main bibliography the article elaborated for the doctor in geography, Gilbert de Miranda Rock, article this that if intitles ‘ ‘ City and territory: to divide why? The geographic interpretations on the reverse speed-division politician-administrative in Brazil. Where the author affirms that the geographic interpretations on the reverse speed-division politician administrative in Brazil if divide in four groups: 1) Politics and territory. 2) Identity and territory. 3) Norms and territory. 4) Resources and territory. Our project comes to argue the Identity and territory, being tried to demonstrate traditional identities, old, historical territorialities and new district as territorialities of the city of Cold Handle. Population Involved. The project has as collaborating pupils of 6 and 5 period of geography of the college of the region of the lakes (FERLAGOS). Methodology. Our work has as method the research action, for if dealing with a direct method and to simple boarding, having as tool of a questionnaire with objective questions in the district as application residences of the city of Cold Handle. The questionnaire will have ten questions that the sorts and etrias bands of the population will approach the objectives of the research being applied of form to accumulate of stocks all. CONCLUSION. District of Cold Handle does not have affirmation of traditional identities in 2. Therefore its old and historical territorialities are prompt. However new territorial affirmations appear and new practical a space one. New social actors. Walking for a process of new partner-space identities.

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And like also the additional information is very important that it occurs by the individual, this electronic direction also presents/displays very recommendable variables in which it has to do with interesting points to consider with respect to the development of these games. It does not forget either that you can offer his contributions within these electronic means, and to be able to have the opportunity to share with a fervent community in this sense. Also, you can extend his knowledge as far as this so important central subject for his pretensions of game. Of what another way him can collaborate this electronic direction? Then in the escogencia and gain margins that are handled in all type of sports in which it has to do with the different economic pretensions. For this reason, also this page Web has the great virtue to count on additional information that it is very difficult to find within diverse means, and by all means, this class of special exhibition is the one that approaches doubtlessly it the greater number of possible people within the frame than it means the influence of the different bets in Internet. From now on, if you want to find a name for the subject of the bets in Internet, only it must consider east electronic noun: Either they want that you are part of his virtual community so that she discovers all potentialities and, by the way, is the more calm (a) as far as the suitable election the more that must take with respect to which it serves to him the more or it interests to him the more as far as type of sport bets in Internet. Name that by the way Integra more and more to people within its particular rank of attention and game.