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The people we let ourselves take by many things in the life, and is that after all, if we do not have a passion that makes us make some madness or a simple hobby or entertainment, our life becomes boring much more. For some people it is the theater, for others the cinema, others perhaps music and also for some the culture generally. Nevertheless, if there is something really moves to the masses is the sport. Nobody already can deny that soccer is, with complete certainty, the sport that more followers and followers it has. Good reflection of it is the all the importance that it acquires in mass media. The best example of it we have lived during the months last of June and July, when the world-wide championship of soccer took place. The selections of the different countries were in the mediatic front sight and thousands of followers moved until the African continent to support to their equipment in the different cities of South Africa where the parties gambled. A few Spaniards, most lucky, could be witnesses of the epic victory of ours country.

Many remained without the entrances to attend the final longed for one, and if you do not want that it returns to you to happen during the league of this year, more bond than you buy your entrances by Internet. The ones of the great parties they fly! Fc Barcelona enters entrances and hazte or with passes, or looks for the rest of parties in the Web if it interests another equipment to you. The same happens with one of the sports that in height are more at the moment. Madrid goes to be witness of the Masters Series, so that you click in entrances Masters calm Madrid Series and qudate. With a single click and in only minutes you will have your entrance and you will forget the long tails that there are to hope in ticket office.

World War February 7, 2014 at 3:18 am

The GUARANI IN LETTERS OF BELGRANO AND 2 WORLD WAR To read original (to click) in: The investigating outstanding and Paraguayan historian Dr. Robert Rosemary published (it reproduced) in its book " Historical protagonism of the Guarani&quot Language; , a series of valuable historical documents that they as much refer to the Guarani and his use during the Colony in Paraguay, Argentina; and – incredibly in World War II when the Mexican United States declared the War to Germany, Italy and Japan, in Castilian and in Guarani. Karai Guasu Robert kuatiaita Rosemary niko heta ojeporeka ymaveguare apytpe is peichahpe ojuhu heta mba" and ova iongatupy is avave ndoikuaiva. Hese ae jaikuaajey ane ret rembiasakue, ande turnip is ande reko ypy is upekuvo ikatu avei amomba" eguasuve ane Avae" iasiva ko arapy tuichakue javeve rupi. Next the mention of three documents rescued by the Dr. Robert Rosemary: 1. An HISTORICAL ANTECEDENT OF the OFFICIAL USE OF THE SAME IN the RIVER OF the SILVER On the 1 of March of 1813, the sovereign General Assembly Constituyente reunited in Buenos Aires, sanctioned regarding the extinction of the tribute and in addition the derogation to mita, the charges, yanaconazgo, and the PS of the Indians.

When giving it to know the same, it was sent to translate to the languages Aymara, Quechua and Guarani. Next the Guarani version of this document: Mburuvichavete emoonguspe oporokuativa takeover katu, josumo ha" and tva pav blond petepe ooirva rehe, General Assembly Constituyentejva, Ava pavngatpe oikuaauka ao ikuaitva katupyry. Ijypyvramo, ko altar guive ohekovoa ako kuaitva omboypyva" ekue captain guasu Roi ambae ohasava" ekue 1811 September epyr rape. Maramove oikui peme" ve has? ua Avara" ykury tribute jva, neither mita, nor entrusts avavpe. Upeicha bird avave tembiguiramo ojapove has? ua. Ava master, nor Tup ga: nor pa" i avare nor mburuvicha: nor vatetiroa emona" avko mburuvichavete guemimbota rupi oikuaauka takeover katu mbiapavepe, avakura opahakatu a? to guive, avapokiritekuarey katupyrramo opytahva takeover karai ambue kuerami; Hi" ram bird, ojekohujoja has? ua ako tekopysyr moangva karaikura ava" iguappe oguerekva rehe.

The Recognition January 31, 2014 at 10:12 pm

A boy can fear to the dogs after being bitten by one. When they begin to go to the school, they are subject to preoccupations such as academic and social pressures, and to other anxieties that appear as a result of developing an independent sense of one same one. anxieties such as these are normal and are due to solve in a certain term. Diagnosis of anxiety of the boy The recognition of you disorder of anxiety of the boy can be difficult since the symptoms of the anxiety in children are often different from which we observed in adults. On the other hand, the children of diverse ages and temperaments can exhibit diverse symptoms. Here they are some samples and indicating symptoms of the anxiety of the boy: * To wet the bed * Nightmares or terrors at night * To avoid certain activities (such as social school or events) * To shout and rabietas easily * Frequent sensations of panic and fear that interrupt activities * Constant preoccupation of the future events * Difficulty in making friendly and extreme timidity * Under pride and deficiency of confidence * Fear of verguenza * Fear to incur mistakes * Obligatory behaviors (such as to watch underneath the bed or in the closet before the hour to lie down) * Extreme resistance to any change * Physical symptoms appellants, such as stomach ache or headache, without one cause evident What causes anxiety of the boy? * The separation anxiety is very normal in young children and it collapses generally with the age. Doing in front of the separation of familiar people, his boy can send rabietas, reject to go to the school or make insistent tearful or manipulating.

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Gaining muscular mass is possible. It is a process that takes time. Like for the majority of the things that we want to obtain in our lives, it has that to have patience and perseverancia to achieve our objectives. If your goal is to stop being the flaquito of the group, and to form a good muscular mass, that always it is very attractive for those from opposed sex, which you must do is alimentarte suitably and to make exercises of musculacin. The unique way of which your muscles increase their volume is to exercise them correctly, and the way to do is making it exercises with loads, for each muscular group. If before you have never realised musculacin, you must begin with slight weights, so that you can do between three and eight series of ten or twelve repetitions, for each muscular group. You must be able to arrive well in the end, although you feel tired.

If you do not manage to finish the series, you have placed too much weight; if you finish the series without effort, then you must use major loads. As the time passes, you will notice that it becomes easier to finish to you series, then you will be increasing the load gradually. In order to be able to realise this training correctly, your organism must have a good amount of energy and proteins so that the muscle can be exercised and grow. Then, you must add 500 to 1000 calories extra to your diet, of which 60% must preferably be carbohydrates (of low glucmico index: integral oats, yogurt, milk, fruits, cereals) and 40% must be proteins (meat, chicken, fish). In order to gain muscular mass more quickly, some people decide to complement their feeding with supplements that contribute to vitamins and minerals. Some of these supplements also contain creatine, a substance that is fundamental in the muscular growth, and other substances such as L-glutamine, that they favor the increase of the muscular mass. Even a naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular.

De Gaulle January 19, 2014 at 4:38 am

While in captivity, he tried to escape five times, but unsuccessfully. In captivity, he studied German language, he taught Russian to French prisoners of war, he worked in a library, lectures, which later formed the basis of his book 'Discord among the enemy. " The striking irony: one of his 'pupils' in captivity was coming Red Marshal In 1919 in the French military mission was sent to Poland and took part in the Polish-Soviet war. After the war, in 1921, the former commander of the recollected a former slave, was held the resumption of relations with the former commander of Henri Philippe Petain – now marshal and hero of France. In May 1922, Charles de Gaulle, his exams and was enrolled in higher military school.

After graduating from the Higher Military School in 1925 Petain took de Gaulle in his personal staff, he was charged with examining the future of military operations (long term) and consider the general problem of military philosophy. In December 1927 de Gaulle was promoted to the rank and post of commander of the battalion and went to Trier, Germany, whose western bank of the Rhine under the Versailles peace treaty has been under the control of the French armed forces. De Gaulle immediately proceeded to the combat training battalion and established a strict discipline. However, he paternally watching the lives of their subordinates. True, the orders of superiors, he served with great reluctance and with difficulty took them to criticism. De Gaulle was never returned to the headquarters Petain.

National Association January 13, 2014 at 2:13 am

Section II Of the Social Function of the Art Property. 6 the urban property fulfills its function social when it takes care of to the basic requirements of ordinance established in this Law. to the established norms and urbansticos parameters in the Law of Parcelamento, Use and Occupation of the Ground, and, in special to the following requirements: 1 – protection, preservation and recovery of the natural and constructed environment, cultural, historical, artistic, paisagstico and archaeological the patrimony: Il – exploitation socially just and rational of the ground, by means of parcelamento. compatible occupation and use with the availability and the support of the natural resources and with the existing urban infrastructure; III – observance of the parameters and norms established how much to the salubrity, security and accessibility of the constructions and urban nestings. Statute of the City Art. Lines of direction 2o, interpolated propositions I the XVI, of the Law in the 10.257/2001: I. ' ' guarantee of the right the sustainable cities: that the right the urban land, equipment etc. are compromised to the current generation and futuras' '.

V. offers of urban equipment, public, beyond services and transports. XI. ' ' protection, preservation and recovery of the natural and constructed environment, cultural, historical, artistic, paisagstico the patrimony and arqueolgico' '. Infraestrutura, equipment and services. In art.

2, consists offers of urban and communitarian equipment, adjusted transport and public services to the interests and the necessities of the population and the local characteristics. Urban mobility the public transport is the only urban service explicit cited in the Statute of the city. But, while 35% of the Brazilian population if only dislocate the foot, the number of private automobiles grows as grows the urban population. According to National Association of Public Transports and Ministry of the Cities, urban mobility is an attribute of the cities and if it relates to the easiness of displacement of people and good in the urban space.

Spanish Selection January 6, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Lake Placid, EE.UU. 1980 Lake Placid has organized the Olympic Games of Winter in two occasions (the first time was in 1932), both good known by its opportunities at alpine and Nordic ski. The ski resort of Whiteface presents/displays fallen vertical greater to the east of Rocky Mountains. With 85 tracks and 127,000 hectares of land skiingable, has much assured snow. For lovers of the adventure it carries far: you can uniros to a bobsleigh professional and undergo the sensation of speed in the track of Olympic sleigh.

Innsbruck, Austria 1964 Been becoming in the region of the Tyrol, the city of Innsbruck, international fame by the practice of winter sports, it outdoors offers a pile of diversion, and one animated nocturnal life. Surrounded by mountains covered with snow, there are several zones of ski to choose: Axamer Lizum, Igls, the glacier of Stubai, and Nordpark, nearer Innsbruck. It sees from center from the city to the tracks of ski in only 20 minutes, taking funicular and soon the cableway. Warning: the zone of ski counts more on one of the raised tracks of the Alps. In addition in its stage Tivoli Neu the Spanish Selection played its two first parties in the Eurocopa of 2008, which Champion of Europe would leave.

Sochi, Russia, 2014 Russia continues enough being not known for the foreign skiers, but the celebration of the Games Olympic of winter in 2014 in Sochi, it will change everything to it. The Great Sochi (that is to say, the city plus the near towns) extends throughout 146 kilometers, turning it into the second longer metropolitan area of the world. The station Krasnaya Poliana, to two hours in car, is well-known for being one of the favorites of president Putin. The land is excellent for the ski outside track, with snow bathtubs dust and an extensive forest of birches. That is to say, Krasnaya will attract many skiers in search of slope adventures challenging. Carlos Hernandez is vagamundos enthusiastic, always arranged to make the knapsack and to send themselves to the adventure. Return in house, it enjoys like a boy relating to us experiences and mysterious histories people and places.

The Beginning December 30, 2013 at 1:36 pm

If the transition to three-dimensional space of the cell to 0, 0, 0, "commit both N objects, and the time of committing one step T = t / n, where t – time elapsed since the beginning of wandering, the value of Vr = r 1 – (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2) / 3n / 2t, where r – the minimum distance between objects is the relative velocity of neighboring objects in the cell (Mx ; My; Mz), provided that the objects are distributed in the cell uniformly. This speed can be as greater than zero – the mutual removal of objects with (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2) 3n – area reduction of the density distribution of objects, and less than zero – the mutual rapprochement of objects in the (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2)> 3n – Region increase the density of objects. The value of H = 1 – (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2) / 3n / 2t is similar to the Hubble constant Ho. If r = l – cell size, then Vl = l 1 – (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2) / 3n / 2t is, conventionally, the rate of linear expansion of this cell. If objects for which speed is determined by their mutual removal, located in different cells of the space, then the desired value of velocity is determined by the sum of the rate of expansion of cells located between the objects.

Tai Chi December 23, 2013 at 8:36 am

The ability of the body self-healing and self-regeneration is one of the potential that nature gives us from birth and that if we can understand, we can use it for our benefit. Our body is capable of generating a lot of self-healing substances, directors, regulatory, corrective, etc. A clear example would be the hormones, are substances responsible for regulating the functioning of human organs, and therefore achieve the perfect balance in our bodies; a endorphins, substances produced by the human body to relieve pain, and levels of serotonin, whose decline is related to emotional disorders such as depression, one could say that serotonin is the “hormone of pleasure or humor” because it exerts a great influence on the system psiconervioso, etc. Could continue listing an endless number of substances secreted by our body as self defense and healing arsenal. Simply relax a voluntary fund and consciously directing our attention to the breath calm, giving orders to our mind: my bloodstream watering all over my body, my nervous system is calm and quiet, my mind relaxes each Again, this tranquil and calm, my muscles are loosened, they are totally relaxed any medical professional knows that the simple exercise these influenciasa fact in our mind through our desire to satisfy themselves that now, feel the need and motivation, and because a clear effect: the parasympathetic system is launched in response, from that moment a state dominated vagal muscarinic within the autonomic nervous system are balanced, the sympathetic and parasympathetic, all this natural phenomenon of our body that will give us an exquisite relaxation, at the same time is a series secreting substances that give us pleasure and protection, occurs that have that capacity, we understand and obey our mind, that’s part of Qi Gong and psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, etc. well aware of the purpose mentioned. a In my opinion, at first the chemical does not cure anything, because it acts on the source of the problem, put another way, does not correct the biological terrain in which each patient creates and develops its pathology.

Only acts on the disease and injury and soothing the symptom. What are the advantages natural therapies on drugs? Undoubtedly, modern scientific medical science have spent all their effort and sacrifice, to create a manual to teach us the functioning of human beings, we explain the genetics, pathology, the analytical, radiological techniques, electronic , statistics and exploratory, yet with all their effort and sacrifice for humanity, are not able to explain the intricacies personal biological, by which a disease is, therefore, pharmacological chemistry can only influence the injury. So Natural Medicines are important because they understand that our body if you know the ins and outs where the disease is and has the keys to healing. The means to get the proper help that our body needs are endless: from a simple massage to a program of training with Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, a feeding study, help with herbal medicine, just laugh, especially happiness and love. There are many natural therapies applied by professionals that are directed to stimulate certain areas of the body for self-healing response, such as Facioterapia, Acupuncture, Auriculomedicina, Reflexology or various parts of the body.

Guinness Book Guinness World Records December 17, 2013 at 5:37 am

"American daredevil" legendary stuntman Iweala Nivel reputed by dangerous stunts on a motorcycle. Not only for the foolhardy jump on a motorcycle, but also by the number of fractures and broken bones Nivel entered in the Guinness Book Guinness World Records. Why not a fountain? On the eve of the new 1967 Iweala Nivel (real name Robert Craig Nivel) jumped over the fountain at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. This jump in 46-meter-high fountain was televised and glorified motorcyclist. Not only is the flight itself was impressive, so has the nerves of the public gathered tickled unsuccessful landing Nivelle. He rolled over and nearly broke his neck, but through the pain, got up and bowed to the audience. After that jump over a motorcyclist its fame as invulnerable. Indeed, none of the other "flying motorcyclist has not committed a number of dangerous stunts, like Nivel.

At the same time in his career he had more than four once broke his bones, which, however, has not forced him to turn away from his beloved profession. By the way, on the basis of myths that went around the figure of the glorified stuntman, was created a mystical film with Nicolas Cage in the lead role – "Ghost Rider". By the way, the plot of his films invulnerability motorcyclist was obliged to deal with the devil. Leap through the canyon has shown the fate of the legendary American stuntman Iweala Nivelle in motorsports can be come in and out of hockey. Born in 1938 in a small town in Montana Iweala to 60-s hockey team played in the Butte Bombers.