Patients Free Denture Advice April 29, 2019 at 12:56 am

Telephone hotline of the Board of Trustees perfect dentures veneer, inlay, onlay, Crown, bridge, full dentures, dentures on implants, dentures made of ceramic, plastic, gold or non-precious metals: patients can choose from a wide range of forms of dental care. But which is appropriate in the particular case? The Board of Trustees of perfect dentures (KpZ) helps patients find the appropriate solution for their findings, and offers back telephone office hours this year. Tuesday, May 22, and on Tuesday, September 25th, each of 17 to 19: 00, the experts are available. On these two days, everyone has the opportunity to obtain an independent expert opinion on the subject of Dental restorations. The supply of dental prostheses is an individual matter for the many aspects must be observed. Therefore, it is important to inform themselves well in advance of treatment. First of course with my own dentist and demand among neutral experts, Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer explained. As Director the Scientific Advisory Board of the KpZ offers the possibility of patients together with a team of dental professionals and dental technicians, sound information to obtain and explained the different power supplies.

Detailed information will help the experts who is consulting for the experts helpful, if the patients on the phone documents to their current situation of dental and / or to the planned provide dental care, to the example the treatment and cost plan. And another tip for the caller: best advance to record the most important questions. One never forgets, then all points that are important, can discuss with the experts, recommends Dr. Karin Uphoff, head of the Marburger press centre of the KpZ. The telephone consultations take place on Tuesday, May 22, and Tuesday, 25 September (day of dental health), from 5 to 7 pm.

Dental questions give Professor Lauer and more dentists and dentists under the 069 / 665586-44 information. Dental questions master dental technician under 069 / 665586-55 (Calls to the usual fixed network costs). Outside the hotline perfect dentures questions in writing to the Board of Trustees of their patients. Information about and around the topics of dentures and dental health:.

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