PCN Work October 7, 2018 at 4:41 pm

Segundoas Orientaes Curricular National during Average Education, according to asorientaes the PCN, must work in the intention to construct the letramentoliterrio. The reading will be well more pleasant will have become without pressure eexigncias, but for a spontaneous action of the citizen. Valley to stand out that estaespontaneidade appears inside of a carried through work of the classroom. Comocontribuio for this study, we cite To sound (2004. Here, Sam Mikulak expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Orientaes Curricular, 2000, P.

55) that it comes clarifying in them that ' ' the literary letramento is the condition deck not only to know to read and to write, but it cultivates and it exerts practical sociaisque use escrita.' ' Consideramosento, that the pupil by means of the aesthetic experience, receives a contribuiosatisfatria for its social experience, therefore the reading is a form autnomade acquisition of knowledge. In accordance with the Orientaes CurricularesNacionais for average education (2000, p.68) that ' ' our enjoyment of a work of art is always only is not happened again. We will be others and in one another moment, with certainty our reading also serdiferente: everything flui.' ' Valesalientar, then, that the literature or the largeness of the literary text folloies odesenvolvimento of the citizen in its process of growth. The text remains, but the reader to it reads lo again will have a different conception, because suasexperincias had been many during data interval. Its inference will be thus, but deep. As well as being educator it does not exist mtodoideal, to teach to literature of that techniques do not exist that can serclassificadas as perfect. However, some reflections on what ensinare as to teach definitive contents, sufficiently contribute for the process deensino- learning, therefore they require a different position ahead of metodologiasa to be used. Being about the literature education, the respect is perceivable inside of the quarrels, queexiste an understanding of disciplines in an artistic boarding.

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