Peruvian May 18, 2020 at 10:26 pm

Good night! Mr Vice Minister of Salud Dr. Meliton Arce Senor Decano de el Colegio de Medicos of the Peru: Dr. Ciro Maguina gentlemen managers, colleagues, friends. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak may find this interesting as well. I’m doctor Miguel Palacios Celi and belong to the historical XVI promotion of Medicine of the Universidad national of Trujillo and similar to hundreds of colleagues, perhaps thousands, we have crossed the border at some point and we have become uppercase disease patient, destiny, wanted to give me, fortuitous level allotted to me, the privilege to share this testimony, which I appreciate. This story begins some years ago, when he was driving my car by the Panamerican Highway and at the height of the 679 Km, before Guadalupe, a Sunday in June, I was hit by a car driven by drunken youths, they hit my vehicle with such violence, that instantly killed my little daughter, she was traveling with me, unconscious and poly traumatized, I was aided by generous drivers of route I evacuated to the Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga of Chiclayo, where precisely, worked as gynecologist obstetrician, when surgeons opened up my abdomen, they found 2 liters of blood free in cavity, had 3 GR. hemoglobin, had exploded the spleen, had multiple lacerations in liver, Pancreas, bowel, omentum and mesentery bled torn, I had bleeding comminuted fractures, and with loss of substance in Femur and Metacarpus; colleagues needed to rebuild me 3 laparotomy, a bloody reduction, in addition to graft bone and platinum plaques, transfundieron me 12 units of blood, I endured many complications, bronchopneumonia by suction, sepsis, kidney failure, I agonice and I resucite in each of the three strokes that I endured, I received the paintings Santos, went down to hell and met the same devil, I survived dreaming that he could no longer, worse suffering than we had passed, the President of the body Doctor said only a miracle could save him and was saved!, I distinguished as hero, 45 days later I went high, in a wheelchair, to applause from my colleagues, had lost 15 pounds, 5 months later, my wife gave back me my white dust of doctor, gave me a kiss and full of painful physical scars and soulI reintegre me to continue successfully to medicine.

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