Peter Cattle Cndido August 25, 2019 at 12:33 am

Jk: If I know? E: IT IS. E: She was a family? Jk: She was a great family very, of Cattle tenders, the ones that had been making property they had been leaving, if removing, others had been even so pra city. E: the balls of the interior were good here? Jk: Clearly, it had abundance of everything. When it had a ball with picnic E: congregated much people, many families? Jk: B! E: was the staff of some places of entorno here? Jk: How it is that it is? E: He was the staff who worked in the ranches, in the locality? Jk: She was the son of Owner someone, who age cook of someone of such, went going the transport of it, the foot, does not have another exit, only comes the bus when you the good o time. He sees if I know this.

E: The personal vine pra here also? Jk: They came, came everything. E: There then it had marriage between them, here and the staff of there? Jk: The Cattle tenders married almost everything with the cousins, are they were. Connect with other leaders such as CEO of e-commerce here. The Cattle tenders, described for Jakes Fidelix, as endogmicos, where the men ‘ ‘ if they married primas’ ‘ , they constituam one of the breeding of captives of Santana of the Release, the proprietor Joo Cattle Rodrigues and its heirs. CorFunoCarta/Year CondioTestemunhas Eduvirges, Paula (its mother, slave of the same gentlemen); PardinhNo ConstData Conc. 17-11-73; Dt. Reg. clause or condioVenncio 30-04-74Sem Rodrigues Vaqueiro and Peter Cattle Cndido Miguel MulatoNo ConstData Conc. 17-11-73; Dt.

Reg. 30-04-74 Without clause or condioNo Consta Pink Maria; Antnia and Miguel Rodrigues Jorge (its legitimate parents, enslaved it of the same gentlemen) PardinhNo constData Conc. 17-11-73; Dt. Reg. 30-04-74 Without clause or condioVenncio Rodrigues Vaqueiro and Peter Cattle Cndido the cited letters above, despite not consisting the age, use the denomination of pardinha, with a diminutive reference that if sends the children, also these names generally folloied of the name of the enslaved parents, and been born after Law of the Free and registered Womb in 1874.

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