Philosophy Understanding May 21, 2020 at 2:56 am

The community if becomes in such a way deeper the more including is the domain of the possessed things in common. The existencial reality of the man and the world if of the one in the meeting of the man with the others, and of this with the proper world. The world of the Dasein is a common world. This relation is not acquired or added, is primary and original, pertaining to the constitution of the Dasein, that is, of the man. The man if characterizes for the understanding of the being.

It is the proper Dasein, while be-ao-world, that knows. To know more about this subject visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The understanding is accessible to the man because of its conatural mundane contenao. The understanding is not intellectual concept or logical result, but ontolgico phenomenon. It is the visceral manifestation of the joint of the be-ao-world. The Dasein understands the being in its finite being and the being understands the Dasein, the finite, thus, he himself if temporaliza, if finitiza. Of being-there it is the place of revelation of the being there and also, the place of understanding of the man, that is, is the man of the being there, is in it that the question of the being finds its field of manifestation, the ontolgico space. It is from the understanding that emerges the project that destines the man its being, and, therefore, to the mundaneidade.

Been born of the understanding, the project launches the man to convert possibilities into events. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak often addresses the matter in his writings. Therefore the man is to happen, is the historical course that if destines in the freedom. For Arduini, ‘ ‘ the understanding generates the possibility of the direction of being cannot, in general, be placed if it will not have the understanding of the being. The direction contains and systemize in coherent form, what it can be disclosed by the understanding of ser.’ ‘ When the be-ao-world arrives at the comprehensive expression organicly, has the direction. Possible that is because the man is being who can or not reach the direction, that can perceive the direction and the nonsense. The man who appears as opening to the understanding, is capable to put the being short and to disclose the meaning of the world. He stops Heidegger alone the man is carrying of direction. The Dasein only has direction, it has and it to the measure that the revelation of the be-ao-world comes to design, if in the discovery of the beings who can offer it to it. Therefore, this existing relation can or not to reach its desvelamento of existencial understanding, since for in such a way she is necessary before the man reach such purpose, after all, is it who delegates sensible for itself and the world.

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