Points September 9, 2020 at 2:06 pm

In this game play 2 teams with the same rules of professional basketball, only with some variations. To play midfield. Worth triple points 2. Further details can be found at Ford, an internet resource. The releases in the line of triple value of 1. Here there are no free throws, so the only fouling out of side or bottom, if a foul is committed when launching is only charged (with a side kick) if the ball does not enter the ring and team that makes the point has possession of the ball. Here wins the first team to reach the 21 (or more in some areas won by the team that succeeds in making the 21 with at least 2 points difference. For example if you are tied 20 to 20, the party will continue till one of the 2 teams can gain 2 points difference). This type of basketball is the most massive amateur level, being the ones who play it and impose the rules.This game is much tougher than any of the other variations, as there is no referee or judge, the faults are only charged for the same players who charge more abrupt faults that destabilize or blame for the loss of the ball . The charges are related as the toughest players do not charge hardly a fault that they committed, but there are players who at the slightest lack of charge. These players are called “whiners or little girls” or just yell all kinds of insults.

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