Presidential Speeches January 16, 2020 at 6:18 pm

Once again, the school of rhetoric, "Argument" analyzes the speech of Russian President for errors. Based on the president's speech will be discussed principles of entry and detention. Thus, disposition: lost Olympics, athletes criticized the irresponsible leadership, the winners came to the Kremlin for the award from the President. And hear from him so. ** INTRODUCTION Dear friends! I cordially greet you, congratulate you on the Olympic medals.

I am very pleased to see you. Of course, despite the fact that the overall results of the performance of our team have been modest, fell short of many expectations that were placed on these results, however all present at the this meeting were excellent, your achievements are indisputable. I love you once again cordially congratulate you on what you have done. Of course, the meaning of today's meeting is that I gave you a national award, but not only in this. I would like you as our best athletes to discuss what to do next, how to prepare for the Olympics in Sochi, because who, if not with you, talk about it. Of course, a great sport – it's always a lot of work and a little luck. CONCLUSION In general, we have very good potential. No matter how much emotion or spilled on our team, for some leaders of federations, sports executives, you know, in any case, we understand what we can, and it is obvious that we still have enough time to get to the Olympics in Sochi, with very good composition, very good shape, especially since this is our Olympics.

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