Program Stock December 23, 2020 at 3:48 pm

Senator Cristovam Buarque declares in speech that in 1996, proper it defended the Fundef, affirming that it would help the education in the cities poor of Brazil, but would not decide the problems of the Brazilian education, comparing it law Eusbio that Queirs, that forbade the traffic of slaves. In the same way, the FUNDEF is stopped of resources adds for the improvement basic education, as well as the Law Eusbio de Queirs brightened up the brutalities of the slavery system. ' ' … the basic education in the cities poor would be worse without the Fundef, but the obtained improvements are far from representing a jump in the education of these cities, and still less in the set of Brazil. The Grimsby Town wanted to know more. The Stock market-School and the Fundef are important, but insufficient, as much how much the prohibition of the traffic of slaves of 1850.' ' (BUARQUE; 2006) One another program, called for the senator of Stock market-School, was unified with other programs of I assist the promotion of the education becoming then what we know today as Program Stock market Family, created for the Law n 10,836, of 09 of January of 2004, with the purpose to transfer income to the families in poverty situation, with per capita income of until monthly R$ 120. The devoid population is a program of benefits; very valid observed of the point of view of that many families exist who arrive at the misery situation, therefore its children leave the school to work and to help in the sustenance, even though to gain per day 10 or 20 Reals in the streets vendendo candies or if prostituindo; they pass to receive a wage from the government to leave the work and to study, is yes, a proposal valid. But as almost everything in the country, the idea is good, however, the practical one does not function of this form. .

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