Property: The Chronicles Of Crisis January 31, 2020 at 9:33 am

The financial crisis that now cover the whole planet, especially reflected in the global real estate markets. Sad but undeniable fact: neither the American nor the European markets were unable to offer a catastrophic decrease in property prices no appreciable resistance. Unpredictable, which acquired the pricing of real estate and construction, made previously denied optimistic assumptions about the market recovery in early 2009. Most experts carefully refer to the 2010 situation in which allegedly will be more sustainable and verifiable predictions. In Russia, this crisis is the second, affecting the real estate market in this scale.

And, unfortunately, recognize the current situation in the real estate market is fully prepared for the financial crisis is impossible. Panic at the significant drop in prices and difficult financial situation at the beginning of the crisis prompted the owners to the speedy implementation of apartments and lower prices. After that came a sharp decline offers – and now the owners prefer to rent apartments to sell, to set a later time, the rise of the market. In addition to reducing the number of proposals currently experiencing a significant drop in exchange rate and significant fluctuations in exchange rates. Inflation creates an unstable situation of the parties of real estate transactions. Particularly true for the purchasing power of buyers, because high inflation rate literally means invalidates them. In this crisis affects not only the actual process of construction of buildings or real estate sales, but its legal aspects. These and other burning questions about the legal regulation of relations, "the developer-investor" we talk to a lawyer Evgeny Kovalev.

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