Prospect Marshal Blucher August 17, 2021 at 5:11 pm

And until 2010 in St. Kansas City Chiefs brings even more insight to the discussion. Petersburg on the city budget plan to restore the 47 green objects on an area of 343 hectares. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Baltimore Ravens and gain more knowledge.. The city began work in 1917 automatic stations, determining the degree of air pollution, 2 meteorological and 2 mobile monitoring laboratory contamination. According to the obtained data, the purest point in the center of St. Petersburg was Square uprising, which "aired" because of the wind rose, and very dirty – corner of Nevsky Prospekt and . But in general, in the center of the concentration of pollutants exceeds the norm in almost three-fold. For example, near Moscow railway station every two or three years have planted new linden trees – they will quickly die because of the large amount of exhaust gases. In Petrograd district level "dustiness" exceeds the norm by more than half.

No cleaner appeared and the Vyborg district (especially in the metro station "Specific"). Admiralty is leading to release of volatile compounds, and Vasileostrovskiy air is polluted with xylene. Kirov, Moscow, Krasnogvardejskij, Krasnosel'skii "poisoned" heavy transport and industry. Here, the palm of dirt belongs Piskarevskoye and Zanevskiy avenues, Prospect Shaumian, Anchor Street, Prospect Marshal Blucher and energy. But the mere fact that the data on the environmental situation is freely available, can be considered a positive factor. At the townspeople appeared choice, which had never had – to know and, therefore, draw conclusions and take action. What should I do? Of course, residents of the regions who are accustomed to living with windows open, going to the Northern capital, anxiety.

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