Protection For Windows And Office August 18, 2019 at 1:41 am

To create a protection window used several types of devices. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Ntilikina here. We represent the most popular forms of protection: 1.Samym first most popular are the lattice. field. Grilles are from the most simple, made of steel rods or band, to fairly complex with the function of opening, or even made out of forged items. Main advantages: simplicity of design, able to produce on the individual sizes of customer choice weave pattern bars, the ability to create a unique style in the same style with wrought fence or gate, the ability to paint in any color selected by the customer. Major weaknesses: Requirements Firefighters on the need to open the lattice, the complexity of design, if necessary, open the lattice, does not protect the glass from a thrown stone, not possible to apply electrical control to open and closure lattices.

2. Occasionally, but still come across deaf shutters of sheet metal. In contrast to the lattice they are closing the glass from a thrown object. Disadvantages they basically the same as that of the lattice, ie to open and close metal shutters, you must go to each of them, open the window, open the lock, then open the shutter. When talking about 3-5 pieces, then it will take even distribution of the amount of time, and if the number of shutter more than 10 pieces, then opening and closing the shutter can take a lot of time and effort. 3.Naibolee modern designs that are able to protect the window are shutters. Shutters have long conquered market in Europe and more than ten years in the Russian market.

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