Ramon Gallegos Nava Education January 2, 2020 at 10:03 pm

A single work is the proposal of Ramon Gallegos Nava, founding father of the holistic education in the world; an educational model for a planetary society, an innovative proposal whose Center constitutes intelligence spiritual. Experience of comprehensive unitary perception from his childhood to date; during all spheres of its life, it has been a total encounter with the absolute, which wonderfully describes in the preface to his book the way of the perennial philosophy. This experience Gets the certainty that all are gods have forgotten we are numb, but, can awaken and transform ourselves into that truth. Be a unit, all together, with the planet, with the kosmos, with the infinite, with the absolute. This previous summary broadly defines the historical foundations of his work, and then will be a reflection of some of its books, its proposal for its educational model in holistic education.

The holistic education book, this is a synthesis of the proposed holistic education, the foundations principles that hold, as all their books are explained with great simplicity, clarity and consistency, with very fluid language. Starts speaking 4 paradigms that have been given in the way of seeing the world, the two big changes of time not the only ones – which are more important in education and in the way of seeing reality and history ranging from the middle ages to our days, i.e. places us in time and spacecontextualizing the origins of this education holistic vision, referring mainly to the field of knowledge, the training of scientific thinking, his influence in the construction of reality, of conceptualisation and subsequent development of the human being as well as the ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Taking into consideration that the central point of the holistic vision is the development of the consciousness of human beings from their own essence, defines and puts in its rightful place two important concepts: thought and intelligence, both qualities of consciousness, one is for learning mechanical, practical, the other has the ability to penetrate the unknown, allows us to realize the entire unit, composed of holones and holarquias, is the reality holistic vision that perceives it as it is: an integrated whole interdependent, is the same spirituality.

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