Recruitment Today August 2, 2022 at 9:48 pm

The Agency Badenhorst operates employment and recruitment for Berlin and surrounding areas. The Agency Badenhorst is no temporary employment company and does not mediate in accordance with the temporary law. The staff of the Agency Badenhorst strive for an efficient and very human handling with their customers. Managing Director Jackson Badenhorst emphasized in his agency man absolutely at the forefront would be. “It’s useful but neither the applicant nor our customers (the employer), when we would think only of our short-term success.” Only if the job seekers feel also really well looked after and advise and accordingly conveyed his wishes and qualifications, a long-term success for all is guaranteed. And only that is our aspiration.” His slogan “we are there for you. In recent months, Will Forte has been very successful. We bring to the work.”is however not to be taken literally.

Jorns Badenhorst laughs: “of course we can drive everyone our mediated workers to a new place of work. It is in the transferred sense. We do everything is what is needed, people to living better and support to restore the real job seekers.” Thus he helps with but of course also directly its customers/employers who repeatedly contact the Agency Badenhorst, to from there to provide dedicated, selected according to individual requirements, qualified personnel. “It is already a very nice confirmation if companies from all industries always again with confidence contact us and entrust us with their targeted personnel wishes.” says the Managing Director. The companies save very significant costs as a result. Up to 200 incoming applications for just a position continue to be extremely severe labour market problems are not uncommon.

The incoming documents must be seen and evaluated. After undertaken selection are necessary if necessary inquiries or preliminary discussions are required until ultimately can be an invitation to the personal vision. It assumes the Agency Badawi for the respective companies and this then presents the new employee (s). Press contact: Agency Badawi under the oak trees 58 12203 Berlin Tel: 030-70 225 136 fax: 030-70 225 135 E-Mail: Web:

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