Relieves The Pain Of Legs August 5, 2020 at 11:57 pm

In Gangahogar want to give you a few keys to improve circulation in your legs, if you follow them and you’re steady you will notice a big improvement. 1 Contrast baths: If alternate hot shower and cold water stimulate circulation locally. To make the contrast more effective you must be with hot water minimum to 38 degrees for 5 minutes then apply cold water to about 14 degrees at least one minute and then return to the hot water. 2.-Massage accompanied by moisturizers: with massages will activate the blood circulation that will download area. Check with gymnast to learn more. When there is poor circulation tissues do not receive blood and needed oxygen and skin dries more. Why moisturizing legs morning and night, varicose veins symptoms decrease. If you combine the preassure therapy or massage couch (which have the function of massage in legs) with moisturizing creams applied ascending from the ankle to the thigh you’ll notice that the venous pressure in your legs improves considerably.

3. Elevate the legs at noon and in the evening: venous pressure is lower than when the person is lying down, you can get to stay long standing you can reach 90 or 100 mm of mercury, in walking the pressure decreases by half. Why it is good to raise your legs a while (about 12 or 15 minutes (above the height of the heart is even more effective), venous pressure will be regulated in this way.) 4.-Means of compression or rest can be purchased at pharmacies and it is often best to place them in the morning when the swelling is less and remove them at night, some pressure should feel although the discomfort should be tolerable. 5.-Exercises to strengthen: you strengthen your legs, stimulate the area and desentumeceras muscles if exercise of pedaling, twists of legs, pushups, walks (can be simulated in treadmills), also the vibration platforms have shown great benefits to alleviate circulation, etc. We can see it as if home shopping ponle brake, when you feel itching, cramps, swelling, if not remedy varicose veins increase, in most cases these processes begin with hereditary tendency, by being overweight, being long time sitting or standing, in pregnancies. But if you follow the advice that I have given the problem will be controlled and will improve.

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