Renaissance November 13, 2018 at 7:56 am

Faced with this reality the new school is a true mutation in thought and operated pedagogical. It has its origin in the Renaissance and humanism, as opposed to medieval, dogmatic authoritarian and traditional education. It has the virtue of respecting freedom and children’s autonomy, its activity, vitality, individuality and collective. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sam Mikulak. The child is the axis of the educational action. The game, indeed, is the most important means to educate. The game appears linked to education in the early 20th century, when the sisters Agazzi define their educational model, opposed to another model existing at that time, ‘the model of M.

Monterori’, who was an excellent educator and made great contributions on education but without taking into account the family environment for the child. I thought that this was messy and not helped students to, because they created imbalances and disorder in the / children. To read more click here: Marc Lore. Neither gave importance to corporal and non-verbal languages in general (music, drawing, etc.) didn’t believe in unorganized activities. In contrast, do, sister them they defend in its educational model:-special attention to the child’s family and social environment. -A relationship between the familiar and the educational.

-Give the / pupils large doses of freedom. -Favouring the spontaneity and creativity of the / as students. And all through the game, as a good form of education. It is at this moment when it starts to use the game as an instrument or educational environment. To understand the importance that has the game in education, it is imperative that we look at existing forms of fun. The / children play currently, most of the time, with video games or sports competition for professionals, showing no values nor the techniques they need to know their problems when they are older. The conflicts between them and their electronic games do not require any type of communication. The game is always right and the / the child has the resource to end the conflict by pressing the button to start a new game.

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