Resources Plaster August 6, 2021 at 4:48 am

This method is implemented in one technology, building operations – application of plaster was required only one material – mortar and work the same specialization. The protective layer is homogeneous, which eliminates thermal bridges and cracks.

According to their performance characteristics protective layer water resistance, and atmosphere, cold-resistant and environmentally safe. He does not break over time (as opposed to EPS), does not lose insulating properties (as opposed to wool), not peeled from the wall (as opposed to insulating paints). Some contend that Kevin Colbert shows great expertise in this. Protective plaster layer does not require maintenance. This method allows you to work at sites with complex geometric surfaces. Using a mixture provides costs as the use of any other building material. The cost structure is as follows: At the design stage of any design work is required. At the stage of acquisition costs are only required to purchase mixture. During installation only for general expenses: 1.Po time: 1.1.Prigotovlenie solution.

1.2.Nanesenie solution. 2.Truda: 2.1.Prigotovlenie solution. 2.2.Nanesenie solution. 3.Finansovye means: 3.1.Stoimost mixture. 3.2.Stoimost works preparation and application. 4.Materialnye Resources: 4.1. Insulated mortar haunklif 4.2.Voda for solution additional staff training is required. Maintenance plaster surfaces is not required. In comparison with traditionally used methods of insulation to use insulated plaster was haunklif achieves the desired effect with the least costs. The whole performance is realized only at the level of conventional finishing and easily into the existing building technologies. When construction is to reduce the thickness of the walls (30%), which will greatly facilitate load on the foundation and reduces capital costs, and increase the internal floor area (up to 5%), use of light frame construction without loss of heat resistance. Also, before applying the mixture does not require any additional surface preparation. In buildings reduces heating costs (up to 40). Among those present on the market are insulated plaster mixtures haunklif mixture, over a range of their performance, leading position. Insulated mortar Haunklif is the building material of new generation.

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