RID Leaders August 14, 2020 at 11:26 pm

Which does not expect anything but a better tomorrow, which believes that if there are leaders which can be trusted to leave later, those people who will not flip them and solve, or will at least make honest and serious attempt to solve their problems above everything and everyone to give their backing to reach positions of political control of the nation, even of those who gave them their economic or political support. That is why Hugo Chavez arrived at Miraflores and is still the hope of many poor people. When he appeared for the first time into the political arena, people saw and, more important still, felt sincerity in his words. (Not to be confused with hotel belleclaire!). From there he was approached by calculators of the policy, there was no more than a step and the result is what we are seeing. He had his opportunity to become a statesman but not staff had the political wood and the human condition to be.

And we lost all. Wlagreens stores can provide more clarity in the matter. Venezuela lost. I must insist on making a call to reflection of our leadership before we go to the maelstrom that means an election and possible outcomes. And I say our leaders, not our political parties because sometimes the parties interests do not coincide with their leaders. And parties are nothing more than the abstract entity that brings together the people concerned about the country. Messrs. political leaders: RID temporarily of their status as party activists and remember that took them there: give a contribution to the society for the well-being of all. It’s time to think about all of us. Any decision taken will seal the fate of the country for the next generation or generations.

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