Sastre November 11, 2018 at 5:18 am

At noon, the hour of the angelus, Carlos Sastre announced a handful of journalists at a hotel on the outskirts of Madrid to up there had come, his career as a professional cyclist had finished last Sunday in the podium of La Cibeles, where he received together his companions of the Geox award to the best team in the return to Spain. I close a sports cycle that has lasted 28 years, that began when my father got home a bicycle when he was eight years old, said the winner of the 2008 Tour, a cyclist who has incarnated as none, in the eyes of the fans, the value of suffering and sacrifice. I leave the bike with the personal satisfaction of having enjoyed my job and profession. For me, cycling is a way of life. To hug him and wrap him, apart from his family, his wife, his parents, approached also the hotel the director general of the Vuelta, Javier Guillen, who stressed the exemplary value of the bicycle race of the corridor of El Barraco and their commitment. With its withdrawal, only Alberto Contador, among the Spaniards, who have won the Tour, remains active. Source of the news:: Sastre said so far I have come

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