Schrader Nozzle September 6, 2018 at 6:18 pm

To pumping took place with maximum efficiency – that is not too difficult, but at the same time, air does not spontaneously come out – should be slightly loosen or tighten the nut. Some road bicycles and bicycle-type cameras have a Mountain-type valve Schrader (car), the rod which has a larger diameter than the Prest. Some pumps have a nozzle that fits both the first type of valve and second. Can not be used for inflating the wheels garage air line – it's dangerous. Most pumps have a nozzle designed to create a pump wheel, just putting on the valve, however, often with no fitting nozzle air passes by. Therefore, you should carefully choose the diameter of the nozzle, so that the rubber-coated nozzle hole tightly covering the valve chamber. When the wheel is inflated, pay attention to the fact that the valve stem is located would be strictly vertically to the rim. Tighten and lock nut on the body of the valve while tightening should be done only with the fingers – the constriction can cause damage to the valve chamber.

Then put on or screw cap. Problems with the camera bike. If the camera descends, and you do not know location of the defect, the last search should begin with valves – for this rotate the wheel so that the valve is in the top position. Then substituted into the vessel with water and dip the valve screwed into it – if bubbles appear, then the camera should be replaced with a new, if the valve is in order, and camera blows away, the camera has a puncture.

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