Secretary February 7, 2019 at 3:42 am

Until a few weeks ago I was a happy person. I had not realized this, probably because nothing threatened that placid happiness. But that was it. Still it would remain so, if it wasn’t for the series of terrible events that began to occur to me that day. Probably do not need much to enjoy happiness: having a good salary in the marketing department of a multinational company, a downtown apartment with a maid who comes to fix it every day and no sentimental commitment that lasts more than one night or two, at most.

I know that I even envy in the Office. Anselmo said, that it knows to live: single, with a sports car and all women want at your disposal. Circulating rumors, some exaggerated, as that I ligue me to Vicky, Secretary of the director general. Well, ours was not exactly a sentimental story, but I’ve left to follow the rumor because it makes me new conquests. The first symptom that something is not marched well was when I discovered that they followed me. Good: no It was exactly a discovery, not a perception. I sensed that someone like spying, to be exact.

The first thing I thought was a jealous husband. I had just a sporadic relationship with a married woman I met at a department store. People don’t know the relationships that arise going shopping. If men know it, they helped more stores, rather than leaving that task to the women. Why happens then what is happening. I had believed, therefore, that it would be the husband of Clara. Or someone who would have been hired to watch me. I discovered not nobody, I say, but that he was a continuing perception: to park the car, when I walked in the House portal the situation continued the next day, even when I did a height of less than one hour at midday for lunch.

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