Sloan Management Review March 11, 2020 at 10:18 am

Manifest preeminence of rational or emotional factors in the decision-making process, degree of structuring the process of decision making successful companies work with people, treating them as adults, as partners, and with respect, work in project teams must have such characteristics as: confidence absolute among the members, to allow the development of talent, have different duration (Thomas Peters) Mario Morales us addsIt is becoming more relevant the need of a current humanist in business administration, which gives great prominence to aspects such as motivation, leadership, participation. It is then important that undertakings must not necessarily be enrolled programs (total quality), fashions or certain profiles (organizational cultures of various countries), but on the contrary the man is in its full magnitude that gives value to the administration. Gain insight and clarity with Ed Bastian. As we can see, requiring only that the aforementioned factors are present in your everyday life and that I would collect all the work: solidarity, mutual support, predominance of the collective over the individual, respect for values, loyalty, savings, fidelity, work, consensus, responsibility, sense of belonging, the long term, the spirit of competitiveness, dynamism, the pleasure of work, the confidence, the right to the error, self-criticism, the right to information in every level (transparency), creativity, open door policy, versatility, health and well-being, patterns that give example, cooperation, fair wages, degree of safety against risks of illness, unemployment, rational work days, continuous training, concern for people, discipline, humanisation of work, reduction of powerequitable sharing of results, full employment, quality of life, respect for the environment, reduction of the hierarchy, free expression, minimal supervision, spontaneity, self-organization and self-control, absence of signs of status, excellent working conditions, company credibility, abolition of normas-reglas, participation, selection of personnel by the own workers, stability, teamwork. Morales reminds us, that organizations have a greater chance of success and stay in the market, Yes: 1) they develop a culture of continuous improvement, through the integration of the concepts of total quality into its management system to plan, control and improve its operation, 2) are analyzed regularly the fulfilment of the expectations of the groups of interest and influence related to the company to define and deploy quality about the operation policies through the process strategic planning, and 3) used techniques such as business process reengineering to make radical changes in the Organization, and benchmarking for the analysis of the market and competition.

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