Southeast Activities November 8, 2018 at 12:34 pm

Mendoza has places of incredible natural beauty, so it appears ever more forcefully as a choice of quality for tourism around the world. For this reason every year opens new hotels in Mendoza that seek to capture the increasing flow of visitors arrives in the region. There is much to see and do in Mendoza, and this is not oblogatorio to scroll very far from the Mendoza capital, including to reach ideal sites for outdoor activities and adventure tourism. Only 60 km from Mendoza, to the Southeast, we discover a magnificent mirror of water: the Carrizal. An artificial lake product of the embalse is el Carrizal, which receives the waters of the Tunuyan River, regulating its flow in very good shape and devoting the vital element to the arid surrounding regions. This Lake is 15 km wide and 4 km long, extensively suitable to allow the practice of a large number of activities. Sport fishing is one of the most popular sports. In the region the Club fishing and nautical Rivadavia, which provides everything is the support to local fishermen and to controls that the strict provisions that try to keep the fish population to an acceptable level meet.

In these waters the King is the silverside, and is one of the most sought-after prey, although it is also possible to get tarariras and good sized carp. Windsurfing and sailing are among the practices more viable in these beautiful waters.You can also practice diving, which allows to appreciate the tremendous biodiversity of the region. This place is an incredible oasis, with beaches to enjoy the fantastic local microclimate. In the summer season thousands of visitors are concentrated in its coasts of gentle decline to enjoy the jetsky, watercraft and other funniest variants to see the view of the beach from the Lake, such as banana or the biciflot, a kind of floating bicycle with pedal propulsion. The possibilities for accommodation in Mendoza in the area of el Carrizal are very large. Thus, it is possible to find hotels of good category, as also campsites or rural accommodation, these past with the possibility of enjoying the countryside such as horseback riding or trekking activities, by any of the many corners that treasure for visitors on the banks of the water mirror.

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