Spanish Mediterranean May 17, 2020 at 6:41 am

Long time those responsible for tourism of different autonomous communities and Spanish municipalities, especially in Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Valencian Community, come expressing the desire and the need to replace the so-called low cost or tourism tourism garbage by a higher quality tourism, conscious that, over time, the first expiring by auyentar to the second, something that seems to be happening already this year to know that tourism in the Spanish Mediterranean coast has yielded in favor of other Mediterranean destinations far less popular for the rest of Europe.It is true that Spain is the preferred destination for 25% of Europeans, but, as indicated, it is not true that those who prefer to enjoy a holiday calm and relaxed, often in family, begins to choose more tranquil destinations, away from the crowded Spanish Mediterranean beaches and, most importantly, away from the overcrowded and often unpleasant coastal nights, nights of drunkenness, riots and altercations in which British and German most of the time they take full possession and Lordship of bars, pubs and restaurants to beach preventing someone transiting by the promenades with total security for your physical integrity. And is that already begins to be really unpleasant to choose certain tourist destinations on the Spanish Levantine coast: overcrowded beaches, overcrowded pubs, crowded nights, hotels overcrowded and, of course, masse quarrels that are mandatory at the gates of any bar appointment at Mediterranean night. Just wander through that night to understand and see first hand what they indicate.Benidorm, Salou, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, are some of the destinations in which indicated is more glaring: the not able to stroll along the beach at night because you can find anything; not being able to go out a beer for fear out fingers; the not being able to go to the beach mid-morning because you haven’t already site where stretch towel; whole nights without sleep because the hotel is cornered by a pack of hounds of drunks who spend the night singing, shouting, banging the walls, fighting, walking the corridors of the hotel, and now, practicing the balconing, a practice this last who has come to fill jar admissible and that, certainly not help nothing to the tourism sector in times that run.And is who plays with fire will burn, that is what is happening to much of the Spanish tourism sector right now, especially in the case of the so-called tourism of Sun and beach, tourism in which everything was worth appreciating more the quantity to quality to make the numbers come out at the end of the tourist season, hence out useless down to the reception of the hotel to claim that you impose order to the Group of drunken he was riding jarana, since, in general, that or another group of similar ilk were regular customers each year at the hotel and this was not willing to frighten so select clientele, not even when these energumenos is engaged in jumping from balcony in balcony practicing balconing, a game that has begun to worry the authorities by the high number of victims this year has begun to leave. .

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