Special Education November 21, 2016 at 11:41 am

In 1932, Helena Antipoff established together with a group of educators and filantropos, the Pestalozzi Society of Belo Horizonte, This institution is destined the education of children, who, for being carrying of some organic abnormality or even though for problems of partner-economic origin, do not obtain to follow the program of the regular school. This institution was kept for the founders and public and particular donations. Later, in 1935, this Society established the Pestalozzi Institute, school for bonanza that model for the Special Education in Brazil became all. In 1948 the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights was signed, guaranteeing the right to the education for all the people. In 1954 it was signed the first APAE (Association of Parents and Friends) that if it deals with assistencial institution where special education appears as option it regular school. In 1961 it was proclaimed the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao Nacional (LDB) guaranteeing all carrying child of deficiency, the right to the education, of preference in the regular school. In 1971 n5692/71 had a legal retrocession with the establishment of the Law that it determined the special treatment for deficient children.

In 1973 the national center of special education (CENESP) with intention was created to integrate to regular education the pupils who to follow the rhythm of studies and for others that not to obtain, if they would enter the special education. In 1988 it had plus an advance when the Constitution establishes the equality in the access to the school. Fitting to the State the duty to give specialized attendance, preferential, in regular education. In 1989 n 7853/89 was approved the Law that it only entered in vigor in 1999. This Law considers crime, any type of referring preconception to the special carriers of necessities. In 1994 it was carried through in Salamanca in Spain, the World-wide Conference on Educative necessities Special, being decisive to stimulate the Inclusive Education in the whole world.

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