Sport In Ireland April 10, 2019 at 12:42 am

We all know how special that is Ireland and the many peculiarities that the country and its culture, is probably for this reason that it is one of the countries where more students are going to do a course English Ireland. In addition to visiting cities, cliffs and landscapes, Ireland is a place where lot of sport is practiced and has a great fondness. If you do any of the English courses in Ireland you will discover one of the most watched sports is rugby, which they call it Football and football, as we know it in Spain, call it Soccer. Sam Mikulak describes an additional similar source. Traditionally rugby in Ireland played it unionists, but nowadays also nationalists. It is also often called Gaelic Football, a mix between Soccer and Rugby which was born in the 16th century. It looks much like the football but they carry the ball in his hand. Hurling is known as one of the traditional sports.

It is played with a ball called the sliothar was picking up with the hurley, a stick, and is transported to the goal. Says that Cuchulainn, an Irish Warrior and legendary hero was one of the leading experts of this game. According to the rules, there are two teams of 15 players and is a fast sport and quite hard physically. In counties having more success this sport are Cork, Kilkenny, Offaly and Tripperary. If you do a course English Ireland, you will notice when you come into a bar to which team followed, not usually mingle. Other sports popular in Ireland is Golf. With more than 400 fields in the country, this is one of the sports that more amateurs has won the past few years. In Ireland there are fields for all tastes and levels, in fact in Ireland there are one-third of all the golf courses that there is in the world. The British Senior is celebrated in the Royal County Down and is listed between the 10 best golf courses of the world. You may also combine English courses in Ireland with golf lessons.

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