Sports Program November 2, 2013 at 10:15 am

With experience in education, of which eight years in the pertaining to school administration between secretary and manager, eight years of work in classroom of Infantile Education and Basic Education, being distinguished in culture and events? as Secretary Municipal theatre of Culture, Tourism and Sports for a period of one year. Server of the Regional Court of the Work in 1 Pole of the Justice of the Work of Petrolina, yielded for the city for a period of three years. In January of 2009 she assumed the Secretariat of Social Assistance in the Municipal Government. In this secretariat some Social Programs of federal scope are in functioning in 2009: the CadUnico, the PETI, the CRAS, Adolescent Projovem, Program AABB, the Center of Qualification and Inclusion and the Communitarian Telecentro. Each program functions with its team of support, such as: CadUnico? Stock market Family, Stock market Young Stock market School? Program hunger zero of the federal government that takes care of 26% of the devoid population of the city, with 2 Attendants of the CadUnico? Stock market Family; 2? Cadastradores/Digitizers and 1? Manager of the Program Stock market Family. PETI? Program of Eradication of the Infantile Work? With 30 nuclei in the agricultural area that takes care of 773 children and 01 nucleus in the city with 70 children of 7 the 15 years?

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