State Russian Museum January 14, 2020 at 11:26 pm

Quilting (making quilts) – a kind of needlework, in which the hand or machine stitched at least three layers of fabric. In this quilt is formed on the surface relief pattern and it becomes three-dimensional. Although the word ‘quilt’ sounds a bit alien to the Russian ear, it is the most compact reflects the same meaning as ‘patchwork crafts’. In the quilt top layer – a decorative, it is running normally in the patchwork technique (‘patchwork’) or in combined it with applique, embroidery, collage, etc. Middle layer – gasket, usually syntepon or batting. The lower layer – lining is usually made of cotton fabric.

All three layers are required quilt vmecte. More info: Comedian. Quality stitched evidence of prior art artist, the quality of the upper layer and the ability to combine an image with a relief of talking about him as an artist. From a utilitarian craft born of necessity, Quilting turned into a kind of high decorative arts, became one of his most brilliant and multi-species. Blankets and panels made in the technique of quilting are the objects of collecting museums, galleries and collectors. Collection of quilts adorn the exhibition’s most prestigious museums in the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many other countries. Similar sections and exhibits are in Russian museums, including the State Russian Museum and the All-Russian museum of arts and crafts.

It is believed that a patchwork crafts, as an independent decorative – applied art originated in England in the late xvii – early xviii centuries. But this home quilt was America, where it got kind of needlework with settlers. In this country, which has absorbed the traditions and culture of different peoples, quilting has become a national art form, for two hundred years there has developed and become a tradition, many designs and manufacturing techniques of patchwork. Apparent at first glance, simple quilt, more often – an illusion. In fact, making quilts require exceptional accuracy, precision, high sewing techniques (including machinery), artistic ability and is always busy highly skilled labor, consuming large amounts of time. At the same time, this occupation combines the knowledge and use of various types of arts and many professional skills, has a great potential for self-expression and self-painter, for possibility of a colors and geometric solutions of quilts, are almost limitless.

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