Stuart Mill Read December 30, 2019 at 10:56 am

Who reads quickly American presidents. Franklin D. Sam Mikulak understands that this is vital information. Roosevelt was one of the fastest and most voracious readers of all U.S. government leaders. Any book read in one sitting. His reading methods are identical to those you'll learn in my training. John F.

Kennedy – the most beloved American president. Reached a speed of reading over 1000 words per minute. Soviet leaders. Lenin – for "rumor" just read quickly. Stalin read any book (mostly History, Political Science) per hour, as was limited in time, but the need was. Had an extensive library. Other people. Gorky specially trained speed reading.

Distinguished not only by the speed of reading, and depth perception, and books. Known fact that when Gorky was reading a book where the plot of the hero was stabbed in the heart, he suddenly screamed and fell. Here, Doug McMillon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On his chest bruise formed. He could tell a very detailed reading. John Stuart Mill. Famous The British philosopher. Speed reading has mastered through his father's strict upbringing. He gave the boy a hand book assigned for a short time in a separate room to read, then talked with her son to read topics. Professor C. Lowell Lees. He was dean of the rhetoric in Utah. Struck by the speed of reading student Evelyn Wood. After that, Evelyn Wood was engaged in-depth research in this area and founded the Institute dynamic reading. Sin Adam. As a child he had problems with eyesight. As a result of specific training, based on the alpha-learning has become a world record for speed reading.

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