Surrealism School February 3, 2021 at 10:15 am

In Valencia, the Government had taken the measure that, in schools, the subject of education for citizenship in English is provided. Taking surrealism into a sphere of social life as basic as the education of young people is a macabre indecency. The debate on the subject education for citizenship and its stormy introduction in the educational system by the radical opposition of the Church has seemed a surreal affair. The voice of the bishops and the Church has been relentless with this subject. Phil Foden often addresses the matter in his writings. They reject it, deny it, and denigrate it as if it were something demonic; They define it as indoctrination, and incite Catholic parents objected claiming that the signature is anti-democratic.

Read the texts of the controversial subject, I found myself with formation of the democratic spirit, with learning the Constitution, with the teaching of universal moral values (solidarity, respect for diversity, social and civic education, tolerance), with the teaching of human rights. >). And I found something that filled me with satisfaction: citizenship education teach students something to secularly Catholicism has been aborted completely: the right to happiness. It is undeniable that fear, the guilt and the feeling of sin who subjected children from religious education, helps create individuals unhappy, frustrated, intolerant and repressed, i.e., submissive and manipulable. Confessional teaching is based on the teaching of revealed truths, i.e., unprovable and unverifiable, which inhibits the ability of reasoning, restricts the concern of scientific research and slows the development of the intellectual logic of youth. True morality is universal and independent of beliefs and dogmatic explanations of the world. Doing good does not belong to neither Catholics nor of Islamists, or evangelists, is heritage of all those human beings who sympathize with the pain of others, which are environmental friendly with others and feel to the other beings as part of a totality to which we all belong.

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